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How to Make a Timeless Home

Dec 06 2019

Malak Mehta

A timeless home is nothing but a space which feels inviting and energetic. A minimal and elegant look of home is more acceptable and provides a jubilant feel. Your home has to be designed in such a manner that you never get bored of seeing the same thing again and again. Everything in your house should be appealing to your own self and others too.


The architecture of your house must resonate with your desires and interests. The architectural elements should be more clear and bold rather than messy and with many offsets. A minimalist approach towards design is preferred over a heavy clingy one.

If you are a nature lover then bending of green spaces and water body into your home would make you feel delighted. If you love old classical architecture then you can use arches and stone work in your home. Basically the architecture of your home should define your liking and should elate you every single day. In addition to that it should look warm and welcoming to the guests too.


The spaces in your house should be planned optimally and should function according to your day to day activities. These areas and spaces should be planned according to your hobbies and requirements so that you feel comfortable and peaceful. The use of materials also help defining the essence of the space. Wood, stone and earthy materials give out a natural feeling and

Use of furniture

The furniture should be appropriately selected as per the size of the rooms. Furniture with built in storage provide easy mobility and a decent look to the rooms. Cluttered furniture make the rooms look unkempt and should be avoided.

Selection of colors

A choice of neutral pastel colors gives a rich and classy look. You can use these colors in contrast with the colors of fabric and furniture to improve the aesthetics. Using textures on a single wall to highlight it would also give vibrance to the space. Lighter warm and cool colors when used in contrast with monotonous white or neutral colors also make the space welcoming and energetic.

Selection of fabrics and drapes

The curtains and fabrics of the room are really important part which enhance the ambience of the room. You should choose proper drapes which align with the color of your walls and the type of furniture too. Contrasting colors scheme or monochromatic colors scheme both give an elegant look.

Frames and artefacts

Minimum artefacts and framed paintings or photos should be used. A single item gets highlighted rather than too many pieces. Moreover, many things in a room make it look messy and drift away from elegance. So, its better to keep selective additional, sculptures or paintings in your home.

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