How to Make Economical Wooden- Wardrobe with Durability

Dec 21 2019

Malak Mehta

A perfect and organized wardrobe with essential storage space works best. Wooden wardrobes have always been the eye catchers. Even though being expensive they are always preferred. A basic wooden wardrobe has a wooden back with frame, base and top planks, side planks and front poles with shutters. Are you looking for an under budget solution for this costlier wardrobe?? In order to save cost and make the wardrobe an economical one you can reduce the usage of wood in the areas where not required and choose to place the wardrobe intelligently.

Use shelves rather than drawers

Drawers consume a lot of wood which is a waste. So instead of having lots of drawers in the wardrobe it is wiser to use shelves to save up on wood.

Avoiding heavy and thick wood on backside

The wardrobe when touching the wall behind can be made such that the frames are stable enough to support the other sides, and the massive amount of wood used in the backside can be avoided.  

Wall mounted wardrobe

When the wardrobe is placed surrounded by walls on three side, then wooden planks can be avoided on all the three sides. The frame and the vertical partitions act as the support system. You can either use shutters or slider door based on the space available.

Open wardrobes

If you have an additional dressing area then you can even choose to have open wardrobes. This would have only shelves and hangers preventing lots of woodwork.

Using baskets instead of wooden drawers

These days plastic baskets with channels are available which act as a great substitute for wooden drawers.

Using slider doors

In small home, you can use slider doors for wardrobes in order to save space. These sliders can have a wooden frame and need not be completely made from wood. Even aluminium shutters or MDF shutters are suitable. Moreover you also save money on wooden shutters.

Use of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

MDF is a type of engineered wood that is created by sticking together recycled fibres of wood. It is cheaper than plywood and is not affected by any weather change. It has a smooth surface which can be easily painted.  

MR plywood instead of hardwood

Wooden wardrobes have always been made from hardwood for more durability. But, hardwood is extremely expensive. It is better to use this hardwood in making frames and then fill up the panels with different cheaper materials such as plywood. Thicker plywood can be used and then laminated to protect it from moisture and deformation.

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