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How to make sure that you get the best rate from contractor or architect

Aug 18 2019

Varshnee Raj

Building a home is building a dream. In fact, every piece of construction has a sense of dream to it. But what gets involved in bringing this dream into reality is a tedious process of spotting the right contractors, getting the work done and unfortunately often ending up disappointed. Be it a new construction or a renovation project, it is such a spare possibility that you actually end up with a result on the time quoted that you feel impressed about. Also, barring the time the money factor plays all around. Contractors list in so much after a decided rate that you can hardly keep account of and finally you end up paying twice as much as quoted. Now how can we fix this issue. Well, it is time you get smarter and know how to negotiate with your contractor.

  1. Never reveal your budget. Place your demands for what you want in the project and ask for their quotes. This will give you the upper hand in negotiation. For every design or feature you wish to add there will be several quotes available from the contractor with varying pros and cons. Grab them all and have a proper discussion before you decide which fits in well for you. While on the discussion do not start negotiating at the very beginning. Give time to yourself to understand the demands of your project and then start talking money. Using online facilities such as bricknbolt will help you have your choices placed in front of you. The contractor has to reveal all the choices they offer and hence an open place for you to choose from.
  2. Research on existing competitor pricing trends. You should always have a pool of choices before you enter the industry. Check out various contractors from different sources and approach them individually to understand their individual pricing quotes. Place that fact that you are considering them as one among the various options you have to have a negotiation power in your hands. Also, if they insist that you place your expected rates , then make sure you quote relevantly. This can happen only when you have done your research at home to understand the basic rates for various services that is used in the industry.
  3. Make sure you get the message about finishing on time loud and clear. Most of the time your budget shoots up because the work is not completed on time. Make payment options for individual milestones through the progress of the project instead of randomly or all at once. You can approach online platforms such as bricknbolt who handle this for you. You pay them for the work and they pay the contractors based on the milestones achieved. Hence your money is safe and you stay within the quoted price. This way you will also have it a little light on having to manage the work and monitor constantly.
  4. Do not hesitate to ask questions when it comes to expenditures. If the contractor asks you for money at any point demand the reason and match them with your quotes. Ask them the reason for any cost variations at the very point to avoid confusion in the end.

Construction and renovation can be a cakewalk with the right help available around. Check out bricknbolt to understand your needs and reach out to them to help you with your dream work.

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