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How To Make Your Home - Modern & Contemporary in Low Cost

Jan 24 2020

Malak Mehta

Modern styles and designs usually focus on minimalism and less is more. You can give a modern look to your home with just certain changes and additions. Going contemporary doesn’t mean spending too much on the interiors. You can make simple alterations and unclutter your home to enhance the aesthetics.

Color scheme

The colors you use affects the overall look of your home. Using a neutral and pastel color scheme gives an elegant appearance to the space.

Wall stencil or wall papers

You can highlight any of the blank wall of your homes with wall painting or wall stencils or even cover a complete wall with wall paper.

Window treatments

Various options are available to enhance the aura of the room with an additional effort in the window treatment. You can use different drapes or curtains, or window blinds made of fabric, bamboo or wood. This will bring about a contrasting effect and make the space more appealing.

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Designer lights

Using standard electric fixtures is always the budget thing. But, these fixtures when replaced with designer lights improve the aesthetics of the space to the far end. You do not need to use costly designer lights! There are numerous simple and cheaper lights available these days. Moreover, you can also use DIY methods to make hanging lamps and designer lights suiting your home the best.

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Indoor plants

Blending the green in the house, makes the space feel lively and soothing. You can use any corner or void in the house and make it a green hub. You can even consider placing small pot plants on your central or side tables or hang it from the ceiling.

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Laminated wooden flooring

Hardwood flooring gives the rich look which everyone desires. You don’t need to worry about getting expensive hardwood for flooring anymore! Laminated wooden tiles available these days are pretty cheaper than the hardwood and also do not require maintenance.

Attractive corners

The dead corners of your homes can used in such a way that they grasp the attention. You can use a stand only sculpture or a large plant to make use of the void. You can even make small shelves utilizing the space. Corner tables with attractive light hanging on the top also give a contemporary feel to the space.


The pillows you use on your sofas have a great deal of effect on the room. Pillows not only are used for comfort but also for décor purpose. Depending on the type of sofa, you can either use large pillows to give a cozy appeal or too many extra small pillows acting prominent in contrast with the sofa.

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