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Low-Cost House Construction Bangalore

Dec 07 2020

Anwesha Nandy

In Bangalore, if you are looking for budget-friendly ways for low-cost house construction then few popular and stylish options will reduce your stress and help you with your construction process.

Prefabricated home: Building prefabricated homes are one of the quickest and cheapest house construction options available if you are planning for a low-cost house construction in Bangalore.

Prefabricated homes are made of components that are factory manufactured and then assembled at the house site.

The labor cost brings down the overall construction expenses even though the materials of prefabricated homes are expensive.

Prefabricated homes save on:

  • Labor costs 
  • Time
  • Reduce waste material    

The components of prefabricated homes include steel frames, wooden ceilings, and walls. Ceilings and walls can also be custom made and then assembled.

Container Homes: They already come in shape to be repurposed into homes, a home built out of them is a minimum of 30% cheaper than the home of the same size built in brick and mortar. 

The structural work is also minimal, reducing the cost further. 

Homes made of steel shipping containers are becoming popular. You would need around 8-9 large containers to set up a 1500 sq. ft. home with two floors.

Container homes are a low-cost house construction option as there is no foundation to lay or roof to raise.

Materials to use for low-cost house construction

Concrete blocks: They are light in weight and used in place of masonry.

They make the construction process faster. Hollow concrete blocks have air gaps and do not require materials for insulation purposes. 

The quantity of materials used becomes less and thus is a great option for low-cost house construction in Bangalore.

  1. They are used for foundation, basement walls, and partition of walls. 
  2. Their cores of the blocks are filled with steel rods for enhancing strengths.
  3. According to the specifications they are fabricated at factories.

Compressed earth bricks: They are lightweight, non-toxic, and fire-resistant. They are used for exterior work and one of the cheapest low-cost house construction options.

Magnesium oxide cement: It is a sustainable building material. This has high durability and is also known as eco cement.

Interlocking bricks: They are sturdy and are also 25% less expensive compared to the raw materials for constructing buildings. The bricks are designed in such a way that it locks with the other brick without the use of mortar.

The interlocking is a low-cost house construction material as well as time-efficient.

Door and Windows: Avoid wooden frames and instead use RCC door frames and PVC doors. As the supply of wood was abundant, the supply went down and the price shot up.

Flooring: Use Mosaic tiles for flooring and is yet another option for low-cost house construction.

Roofing: Go for a simple POP finish to the roof. Although a false ceiling will act as good insulation it is expensive.

Concrete Sheets: Concrete sheets are much quicker to install and a great option that makes having a concrete exterior a lot easier. Concrete panel houses are one of the cheap homes to build.

Few advantages of concrete panels have a lot of advantages:

  • Durability
  • Weatherproof
  • Fireproof

Low-cost house construction in Bangalore is not as easy as it is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. The construction cost also depends on the location, the size of the plot, and labor charges. The points mentioned above are a few options you can consider if you are planning for low-cost house construction in Bangalore.

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