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Low-Cost House Construction in India | Brick&Bolt

Feb 03 2023


As we all know, constructing a house in India is quite expensive, and one must exhaust lifetime savings to build a dream home. Still, with the help of low-cost building materials and efficient planning, one can do low-cost house construction in India.

Low-cost house construction has been a trending topic of discussion in the construction industry. It focuses on creating efficient budgets and using specific low-cost building approaches that dramatically lower construction costs by wise use of locally accessible materials and advancing technologies. There is a widespread conception that low-cost house construction is only suitable for only sub-standard construction works and uses cheap, poor-quality building materials. The fact is that low-cost house construction in India is done through appropriate planning and efficient utilization of resources.

Constructing a house in India is now affordable and convenient with the best tech-enabled construction company Brick&Bolt. We offer end-to-end house construction solutions to customers with clientele ranging from modest to premium at a very reasonable price. 

Importance of Low-Cost Housing in India

It becomes even more important to offer low-cost house construction options for various segments of society in a developing nation like India. The Indian government has pushed for more low budget house construction choices for the lower and middle-income groups in society. There are several reasons for the requirement for affordable housing in India. Some of them are discussed below:

Affordable Living Conditions: The housing shortage in India results from families residing in unacceptably poor conditions and overcrowding of living spaces; households are experiencing physical and social limitations. These conditions continue due to the high house loan interest rates that prevent a significant portion of the population from owning a property. Therefore, low-interest rates are necessary to make housing affordable to everyone.

Reducing Urbanization Problems: India has witnessed significant economic changes in the last few years. As a result, the difference between the rich and the poor has increased. Additionally, housing loans mainly serve the population segment that is more financially stable. As a result, the government must promote affordable home loans in India and develop various low cost house construction options for people moving from rural to urban regions.