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Minimize furniture to create more living space

Apr 28 2020

Varshnee Raj

Furniture completes your house. Apart from their use, their very presence adds a sense of belonging to your home. But your living space also needs open spaces other than the ones occupied by furniture. Instead of cluttering the space ,making it well organized and spacious and walk around will be great for our homes. But the issue of course comes with small homes where there isn’t much space left after assigning places for your furniture.

So, by redesigning a few spaces at home you can efficiently make use of your small home. Here are few ideas on how to creative longing spaces at home.

  1. Closet rooms are a great way of utilizing good space. You can shift your closet items to a compact drawer or adjust in existing one and use this closet space as a room. You can arrange a table, use the walls to attach small baskets that can be used for storage, a small chair and you have a study table or extra room for yourself.
  2. Storing under your stairs. Having a staircase inside your house is a great place to start your efficiency from. You can use the space under this staircase to design small storage units that can be used as your store room. This way you can utilize the space of an extra room.

  3. You can use a sofa bed. If you have space constraints to create a guest bedroom or a kids bedroom you can always opt for a sofa bed. This will convert your compact living room into the perfect bedroom as and when needed. These sofas are very comfortable and completely efficient to make use of. You can also try investing on a murphy bed that you can pull out from the wall.

  4. Foldable tables and chairs are a great way of saving up space. These especially when used in small rooms can give you more space to move around. It will also fold out to be very useful and can be used as a study table, dining table or can be arranged any where including in your balcony.

  5. Use storage under your bed. While you can opt for fancy beds, if you buy a bed with storage below it will be very useful. This way you can utilize the leftover space as your closet or for any other use.

  6. Use storage spaces designed on walls. You can either choose to design wooden panels on the walls that can be used as your extra space or you can try out some DIY baskets or containers that will help with the storage. This way you can remove stuff lying around to be arranged properly making more space for you.

  7. Use curtains to separate your rooms to get an additional room. This trick works especially well when you have large rooms. You can also use your cupboard doors for division by attaching you beds inside the wall. This way you get more walking space in the room.

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