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Single Floor House Design: Ideate, Plan, and Elevate

Jan 17 2023


What is a Single Floor House Design and the Magic of Elevation?

Step into your dream home, encompassed within a single floor

Have you been dreaming of a home that is easy to navigate, low maintenance yet oozes charm and style? Let us introduce you to the world of single floor house design. Imagine stepping into a home where every room unfolds on a single level. That is what a single floor house design is all about.

Often referred to as one-floor house design, it allows all living spaces to exist cohesively on one plane. But that is not all. Have you noticed how every home has a distint character that stands out when you first lay eyes on it? That is the magic of elevation! An integral part of the architectural design, elevation offers a front-on view of the house, revealing the exterior facade. A perfect blend of a simple single-floor house design with an enchanting floor plan can create a beautiful and practical home.

Brick&Bolt specializes in bringing your dreams to life. As India's No. 1 technology-based construction company, we focus on creating single floor house designs that embody your unique tastes and lifestyle. They ensure that it is not just visually appealing but functionally outstanding too.

Features of Single Floor House Design