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New Electricity Connection Cost in Bangalore

Jan 03 2021

Anwesha Nandy

BESCOM or the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company is in charge of supplying power to the Bangalore urban or rural areas.

If you are planning to construct a new house you will need to apply for an electricity connection from BESCOM.

The procedure of getting BESCOM Connection in Bangalore

·     The new installation will be serviced within 30 days of receiving the application.

·     But remember to provide all the details along with the application.

·     Also, the feasibility report for arranging the power supply and issuing a power sanction letter must be done within 7 days of receiving the application.

Step by Step procedure for applying BESCOM Connection in Bangalore

1.   Visit the BESCOM office in your area

2.   Get the A form

3.   Fill the form along with the documents

4.   Pay the registration fee of Rs 50 per installation

Documents Required for BESCOM Connection

·     Ownership proof

·     House tax receipt

·     Commercial certificate

·     Personal Id proof

·     Passport size photo

·     Power supply agreement

After you are done submitting all the above documents a registration number will be given a unique registration number through which you can track the status of your application online.

After the application is registered. The application will be forwarded to the field engineer to examine the feasibility of extending the power supply from the concerned distribution transformer to check its capacity to cater to the additional load and also to locate the nearest tapping point.

After depositing the amount, You are supposed to complete the interior wiring and earthwork carried out by the licensed electrical contractor.

A set of charges associated with a new connection

·     Service line connection Charge

·     Security deposit based on load and meter

·     Security deposit based on meter capacity

Cost for domestic connection

It is applicable for all the areas coming under BBMP Municipal Corporation and all Urban Local Bodies.

Fixed Charges

1.   For the first KW Rs 25 per KW

2.   For every additional KW Rs 35 per KW

Energy Charges

1.   0 to 20 units Rs 2.50 per unit

2.   31 to 100 units Rs 3.70 per unit

3.   101 to 200 units Rs 4.85 per unit

4.   Above 200 units Rs 5.85 per unit

Name Change/Transfer of Electrical connection from BESCOM

In case you want to transfer/change BESCOM ownership then you have to submit a formal letter along with all the documents.

·     RR number of the applicant

·     Name of the applicant

·     Address of the residence

·     Telephone number

·     Sale agreement

·     NOC

·     Sale deed

·     Electricity bill of the previous months

·     Indemnity Bond

You have to submit a consent letter from your previous owner in case you cannot provide one you are required to make the security deposits once again to transfer the connection in your name.

You are also required to make the following payments after your power has been sanctioned.

·     Service line charges

·     Initial Security deposit

·     Service connection charges

·     Meter security deposit

Remember to make the payments within thirty days of receiving the sanction.

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