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Plants types that can be used for home decor

Apr 13 2020

Varshnee Raj

Indoor plants have become a great way for decorating your homes. With disappearing gardens or planting spaces a chance to plant and grow a beautiful plant can be at home. These indoor plant decorations add such a versatile look to your homes along with refreshing the air inside. A With expanding interest in people to try indoor plants the number of varieties available to are nothing less of a paradise of choice. So, if you are looking to find the right fit for your taste and interest , then here are the listed options of a few plants that you might like taking home

  1. Aloe Vera :
  2. Possibly the most useful and beneficial of them all, Aloe vera could be a great plant for your home décor. It is important to look for smaller varieties of the plant for indoor purpose as they usually grow fast and all around easily. The conditions required for them to grow is pretty simple- Slightly dry soil and moderate sunlight.  You can arrange a couple of them on your kitchen window in bright pots. It will also come handy for various uses at home.

  3. Aspargus fern :
  4. I would say you can pull off the perfect alternative for a petite Christmas tree with this beautiful plant. It has needle like foliage drapes and the stems grow upward and outward hence making it a great choice for a hanging décor. A slightly moist soil and moderate sunlight is all you need to have a gorgeous decoration at home.

  5. Peperomia :
  6. This would be the ideal table top plant for your desk or for your hallway if you have low light. The plant has gorgeously shaped leaves that vary from heart shaped to slender ones with a waxy texture. The plants stay small and hence is ideal for your desk.

  7. Parlor palm :
  8. Strap like shaped leaflets can be the perfect choice for your hallways and front portico. It needs moist soil and comparatively less attention to grow.

  9. Cactus :
  10. The perfect plant if you are forgetful to water, cacti can be a great choice for your home décor. It is quite small and you can choose to plant a variety of small ones together to get a colourful bowl for your centrepiece.

  11. Spider plants :

    The curved , thin leaves are petite and amazing. The plants are also very easy to care for and need mostly indirect light. You can use gorgeous ceramic pots for these plants and add charm to the look.

Flowering plants

  1. Christmas Cactus :
  2. If you are looking to add vibrant colors to your home décor this would be the perfect choice. The plants has gracefully grown stems with beautiful colors of satiny lilac growing. The plants bloom during the Christmas season to bring joy and beauty to your home.

  3. Peace lilies :
  4. Another easy to care plant variety that flowers elegant white flowers. The plant will add a classy posh look to your interiors and will need very less attention from you to care.

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

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