Practical & Simple Bathroom Designs

Sep 13 2019

Varshnee Raj

There is no and a calm, hot shower cannot solve. Most people always look to just make the bathroom space easier to clean, moisture resistant and more features. But have your ever thought about what simple designs you can explore around your bathroom in terms of arrangements and what new to add. By choosing simple and cheap interior designs you can explore great ideas for your bathroom.

A few ideas to try are listed below.

  1. A small but the best bathroom design space can be achieved if arranged well to utilize the space. Start off with picking panels for the essentials. You can take the wall space immediately near the door for your mirror and add your basin below. You can add a wood panel below for storage or add a small ladder beside the mirror which you can use along with some baskets to store your toiletries. Shower and tap set can be added to the wall after this space. The toilet can be added to the opposite side wall and a towel rod can be added aside this.
  2. If you have in mind an idea to have a shower wall, you can either experiment with shower curtains or use glass panels for partition. This will help split the bathing area from the other articles. You can add the mirror and wash basin below it opposite to the shower cabin. You can pick out a translucent glass and experiment around with gorgeous colors.
  3. You can try designing the washbasin in front of a window. A low window will make space to use as a storage space where you can add baskets or boxes to kept the toiletries. You can also use a longer panel for the washbasin where the basin can be retained to on part and the rest can be used for storage too. The rest of the washroom can have a shower installed and the design will be perfect for a medium space.
  4. If you dream of having your won bathtub then a simple design to add can make this happen for your bathroom. If a bath tub will take up half the space then with a little planning you can add everything else you need. Use the wall space above the tub to add panels which can be used as storage cabinets. You can add a bathroom mirror cabinet and wash basin opposite to the tub. You can add shower curtains for some privacy.
  5. Bathroom vanity is a dream of many. But given the traditional designs are quite expensive people prefer to stay clear of it. But using a simple wooden cabinet added you can make this happen. A bathroom vanity covers the storage space needed and the mirror can be added to the tops of this. You can design the shower and toilet to take up either sides of the vanity. This great design can have a bath tub added to one side and this will make it all the more dreamy. Splash around some colors and this will work miracles.

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