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The Different Stages Of Constructing A Building

Nov 21 2020

Anwesha Nandy

Pre-Construction Stage

In this stage, you create a basic design and then get your blueprints developed by an architect. After this, you have to get approvals from the authority, and then create a strategic plan for the construction of a building.

  • The planning stage provides a set of guidelines for the construction team to follow through with the project. 
  • You also get a chance to discuss your various cost-saving options with the construction team at this stage. 

*Also note different permits are taken at different stages of construction of a building.

Procurement Stage

This is the stage where you identify the materials needed for building construction, consider a list of suppliers, and then finalize the purchase order.

In this stage, you also identify the goods and services needed for construction. After that, you have to find the correct vendors and determine their ability to provide the best value and quality for goods and services. 

The Principal Procurement Methods

General Contracting

This is the traditional procurement method where the contractor is not responsible for the design and floor plans. They simply are responsible for building construction.

Design & Build

In the design-and-build contract, the contractor is appointed to design and build the project. The contractor will plan the project, organize the materials required for building construction, and should also be responsible for the quality of the project. The contractor should complete all the building construction stages within the agreed time plan and budget.

**In other procurement methods, consultants or architects are appointed to design the project, and the contractor is then appointed for the final execution of the project.

Construction Management

You can also get hold of a professional service that specializes in project management techniques. They will manage the planning, design, and construction of a project from the beginning to the end.

Management Constructing

In some cases, the client will employ several different subcontractors who execute different parts of the project separately. This helps the client to delegate work properly and finish the project on time. 

Construction Stage

This is the stage where the actual construction takes place.

Step 1: The site engineers carry out all the quality checks required for the construction to begin. Once everything is certified okay, they move on to the next step.

Step 2: The clearing and excavation of the land take place which mainly involves ground- leveling and removing all the obstacles that come in the way of construction.

Step 3: After that, you focus on building the foundation of the house. This is then followed by constructing the basic framework of the house which includes working with steel beams or wood frames.

Step 4: This is the groundwork upon which all the other aspects of the building will follow. The other aspects that follow the framework are as follows:

  1. Plumbing works such as installing pipes, 
  2. Installing the roof or the ceilings 
  3. The cooling and heating needs are considered once the outer walls are constructed
  4. Electrical fixtures are installed
  5. Once the walls inside are constructed, you start working on the windows, doors, cabinets, and toilets. Here are a few ideas on selecting a window grill type.

Once the building of the foundation and the basic structure is constructed the last stage involves finishing touches like:

  • The flooring
  • Fixing faucets
  • Woodwork or carpentry etc.

Here's how you can cut down on costs and unnecessary expenses in woodwork and carpentry.

Post-construction Stage

The post-construction phase is there in case a situation comes up once the construction is over and if something isn’t meeting your needs. It is important to follow a punch-list and be confident that the construction of your project has come to an end. 

A punch list is a document prepared confirming that the contractor has followed the complete contract specifications. Official documents are an important part of the post-construction process. Once the documents are signed, you will make the final payment to the contractor.


Before starting a building construction the owner must make sure that he/she has obtained all the permissions from the concerned authorities. A construction that is done without any permits leads to demolition or huge fines.

Site preparation is equally important based on the building plan which is also followed by an inspection by government officials.

Inspections take place at different stages and at the end of the project a final inspection is performed.

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