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A Complete Guide to Putty: The Secret to Beautiful Walls

Dec 05 2022


The construction process is complex, as numerous activities must be completed correctly to produce excellent outcomes. Though construction usually takes less time, adding finishing to the building's overall appearance will take more time. To enhance the great impact of finishing, different contractors use various products. Wall putty is one of the products that is frequently used in the construction process. It is a cement-like material with high plasticity, and normal people tend to believe it is similar to Plaster of Paris or clay. However, the putty material is not identical to any of them. In this blog, we will discuss the use of putty in construction and all the essential things one must know regarding putty for better construction of their house.

What is putty in construction?

Putty is commonly used in the construction industry as a filler and sealant. It is traditionally made by combining finely powdered chalk (sometimes called whiting) with linseed oil, kneaded properly to make the consistency of dough. Putty is available in many colors and can be painted once completely dried off.

Putty is highly plastic and is frequently used in traditional single glazing to seal glass panes into wooden frames. Before painting, walls can be given a smooth, damp-resistant surface using wall putty.