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The Right Flooring pick for your house

Mar 17 2020

Varshnee Raj

Be it revamping or designing for a new home, flooring options for homes are ample. While it is not just about the good looks, it is important to pick the right flooring options for whole house that go well with the purpose of the rooms. Instead of handing over the choice to your builders completely, a little interest and knowledge about some Flooring types can get your home to look and feel way better. So, placing the pros and cons of different flooring types below, it is your time to choose.

  1. Ceramic Flooring : While it stands as the most common option for flooring a variety of variations in terms of design, sizes as well as quality have made their way to the market today. The flooring is plain or textured with a glossy or matte finish, both easy to clean, can be used in places with water and almost keeps imperfections like scratches hidden. The biggest disadvantages comes with refinishing in case the tile chips away which is common in low quality tiles. This will be a good flooring option for homes with pets.
  2. Marble Flooring : The most durable and versatile choice of flooring it also comes slightly on the expensive end. This could be an option for the hallway floors and makes it easy to clean and maintain. The flooring will add elegance to your home and comes in many colours. Th tiles are also available in different sizes and have been a choice of flooring for quite some time now.
  3. Granite flooring : Considering a slightly expensive yet a perfect finish option will be granite flooring. The flooring will add a classy look to the house along with being durable as well as resistant to water with a glossy look.

    The disadvantage with granite flooring will be cheap versions will not last long and make chip away.

  4. Hardwood Flooring : A wide range of Wooden flooring option for a house from Maple, Oak, Pine Birch, Walnut and more available. The advantage of picking a hardwood flooring would be that it is resistant to excessive wear and tear and makes it much easier to refinish at any point of time. It is also long lasting and gives a classy finish to your homes. But it comes with a disadvantage of darkening with age, a slight threat with respect to termites and a possibility of shrinking and expanding in case of certain types of wood. Wooden flooring for stairs or porch is a great is a great choice.

  5. Laminate Flooring : Laminate stands among cheap flooring options at the same time bring easiest to maintain choice for flooring growing very popular as it is easy to install and maintain. It is resistant to burns and chipping and comes in variety of colour and design options to suit your style. Yet, it comes with a bad load of scratch threat and with hardly any refinish options. Stay clear of using laminate in bathrooms or kitchens as the moisture may not work well .

  6. Bamboo flooring: Bamboo flooring is the greenery and eco-friendly alternative in modern flooring options today and comes with beautiful shades of brown. It adds a unique touch to your homes along with being durable. Such flooring can be sued in the hallways or in the rooms while avoiding them in kitchens and bathrooms is preferable as it is not advisable to leave the floors wet or moist for long durations.

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