Things to keep in mind for electrical points and switches

May 13 2020

Varshnee Raj

The art of design and building the perfect home comes not only from great interiors or designs but also from good safety measures to make the home a safe one. While the electrical wiring of the home is an important aspect to pay major attention on why so is a question we all know the answer too. Fire hazards following bad placements and usage of electrical points and switches are plenty and such faulty designs need to be carefully examined in the plan.

Here are a few thoughts on how and where to place electrical points and switches for electrical safety at home.

  1. PowerPoint placement: Where you design the location of your PowerPoint is very necessary. It should be placed in such a manner that its utility isn’t destroyed at the same time is also safe to use. Today most people like to place electrical points in places where it is invisible. But you should understand that if you place one inside your shelf to make it look good, it might also pose issue when it comes to actually using them. Like example, if you choose to put your electrical point inside your face shelf in your bathroom using it will mean no access to the mirror. So, discrete is important but not the most important either.
  2. Understanding the switches: Various varieties of fancy switches types at home that are available today that can add glam to your home. Customized switches for each appliance are also available which make it more useful too helping us avoid having to try every switch or in fact write on top of them with a marker.
  3. Check amp rating on wiring and devices before you use them for your purpose. Overloading with excess current beyond what these can hold is not at all safe. Also, make sure the wire connections etc and insulated properly on the outside Do not leave open ends exposing the wires.
  4. Where to place the switch box ?

The ideal height at which the switches are placed on the walls is about 48-52 inches from the floor. This choice comes for two reasons, the first being it is an ideal height for most people to access the switches but is high for children. Also, this is an easy height for installation during construction as well as for repairs. The height and location will vary for different needs such as for you vacuum cleaners to make it more easy to use.

  1. Be very careful while placing electrical points, sockets and switches near wash areas or any place involving flow of water. Choose waterproof electrical sockets for outdoor needs and in such places involving water.
  2. While installing the points make sure your electrician names the wires before fixing. In case of an issue it will be easy to quickly identify and test the right one without a trail and error sequence.
  3. Choose the right types of sockets built with the type of wall in mind. Solid walls and cavity walls have different requirements hence choose the ones that will fit your wall type well.
  4. Revise your wiring once in few years and do the same with replacing sockets and electrical points for safety purposes.

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