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Three simple office designs

Jan 09 2020

Malak Mehta

A small office can be simple and organized and yet seem as creative and attractive as large ones. Reducing clutter, optimising space using proper furniture designs and creating space for storage is essential for the office. The office space should be designed in such a way that the business requirements are properly fulfilled depending on the privacy of the head, the number of outsiders visiting the office, the staff and also the need for storage. The planning should be such that there is proper space available for free movement and enough light and ventilation such that the environment is work friendly. Kitchen and toilets have become a really important part of office design these days to improve the work conditions and make the atmosphere comfortable for the employees. Below are few simple office layouts that can suit relatively different offices.

Option 1.

[Source : M city]

Office layout not only organizes the spaces for the employee and affects work atmosphere but also reflects the attitude of the office. As shown in the figure above, is an entrance with a waiting room for the clients to wait near the reception so that they can interact with the person at the reception. Toilet and pantry are placed near the waiting area which provide a good service such that the work environment is not hindered. A manager’s cabin located apart such that there is no disturbance from outside while working and dealing with the client. An open workspace for the employees such that they can communicate well and a meeting room or conference room at the end where common discussions can take place. An effective storage behind the work spaces of manager’s room, employee area and the reception table works well.

Option 2.

[Source :]

The above office layout shows a waiting area with connectivity to reception and meeting room. In such manner the outsider can be dealt directly in the meeting room and do not need to enter the work area. Next is an open office such that easy communication takes place. There are no partitions or cabins to mark separation. The manager or head can easily interact with the employees. The kitchen and toilet is placed such that all the people in the working can easily access it. Moreover, an additional store room is also provided.

Option 3.

[Source : pinterest]

The above office layout is suitable for offices where not many outsiders are going to visit the office. The reception and waiting area are provided in the entrance. Additonal rest area , pantry and toilets are provided that can be accesed from the work area. The planning is done in such a way that the employees are seated in a linear arrangement and can freely move and openly communicate. A discussion or meeting room and the manager’s cabin are enclosed room to keep up with the privacy.

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