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Understand Granite Flooring

Sep 02 2019

Varshnee Raj

The right floor gives the right vibe to your home. There are ample flooring options available in the market. But a few of them are quite expensive in comparison to the others but with the price they are reliable and long lasting too. Cheap flooring options sometimes wash away the looks of your home with time as they start looking old and also start getting damaged. Granite flooring for home is one of the best flooring options you can go for your home. And why is it so?

Well, the answer to why it is good and a few details that will help understand granite flooring in detail is listed here.

Why Granite?

So far granite is considered one of the best flooring options for your homes although it might cost on the higher end compared to ceramic tiles. Yet it takes very small price for installation and also has the tendency to increase resale value of your homes. Granite tiles have a rich and luxurious finish to them and not just that , they have very good features too. It can deal well with heat and usually protected from scratches or chipping away compared to cheaper options. Most of all they are extremely durable and have high strength.

Granite is also extremely resistant to moisture and heat. In fact it is also very resistant to bacteria and usually does not cause any allergies related to the raw materials. Granite floors also have very low maintenance cost compared to any other material. It is easy to mop up and clean the surface. Overtime the maintenance becomes easier although initially a little amount is required to be spent on leaning the floor. These various features makes it viable to be used in various places of your home.

What to consider before buying?

The first aspect is thickness. The standard size for flooring tiles is 3/8 of an inch but sometimes ½ or ¾ of an inch which is thicker is also used based on how long you will need the flooring to last. Higher the thickness higher is the quality.

Grades :  Different grades of granite are used for different parts of the housing or commercial areas. While certain applications need higher grade especially for commercial purposes , at homes flooring is done with a lower grade. There are three different ranges available. Low and filling range is used in few cases in case you need cheaper options for your bathrooms etc and average and commercial grades are used most commonly for main living room tiling and office spaces. The highest superior quality is used for places with highest strength requirements like in industries. Cost also goes higher with the quality.

Finish : There are 3 major finishes available which are famed, honed and polished. All of them are equally reliable while polish can give a glossy finish and a rich look.

Also, color of granite tiles matter. There are bright and bold color options whereas neutral or dark color options are also available. They are available in various shades and a design preference such as lines, figures , dots etc,.  you can pick the ones that will compliment your room color scheme. When you try out color schemes one will realize colors and patterns also affect the cost as common pattern are quite cheap whereas if you look for unique patterns you will need to pay more.

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