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Vastu for Home: Invite Prosperity and Wellness into Your Spaces

Jan 20 2023


Do you wish to invest in a home that can bring you success and wealth? If so, a Vastu-compliant home would be the ideal solution. Vastu is an ancient architecture and design system developed in India that focuses on creating a balanced living environment. It bases its principles on the arrangement and alignment of elements within a space that can influence the energy flow. Thus, Vastu for home and other spaces impacts its occupants' well-being and prosperity.

What are the Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra For Home?

Brick&Bolt is dedicated to helping you build a home perfectly in sync with your sensibilities, design needs, and real estate trends. A market case study has indicated that about 90% of homeowners gravitate towards building a Vastu-compliant home. Fortunately, we are here to guide you on your home construction journey. But before we dive deep into how you can enhance your home’s energy, let us first understand what we mean by a Vastu-compliant home.

What is a Vastu-Compliant Home?

The image features an engaging infographic which forms a guide for vastu

A vastu-compliant home leads to wealth and happiness

A home should be designed and constructed to optimize the flow of positive energy, or prana. A Vastu compliant home promotes the well-being, happiness, and prosperity of the occupants. It is believed to be in accordance with the following principles: 

  • The shape and orientation of your home
  • The placement of rooms
  • The direction of the main entrance
  • The positioning of furniture
  • The use of colors and materials 

Each of the principles of Vastu for homes listed above gravely impacts how spaces draw energy. Allow us to elaborate further in the sections below.

Basic Vastu for Houses and Other Recommendations

  • Room Shape: The principles of Vastu for home indicate that certain room shapes are more favorable for the betterment of the occupants than others. Whether it is a 1 BHK house plan with Vastu concerns or any other space, a square or rectangular shape draws in positive energy, believed to promote stability and balance. 
  • Orientation of the Bedroom: Whether it is a single-floor house design or a multi-story building, each room holds great significance in the principles of Vastu for homes. For example, the bedroom should be located in the South-West portion of the house for stability and a sense of security. The bed should be placed against a solid wall and positioned to allow a clear view of the entrance while lying down. 

Best Vastu Tips for a Happy Home

Our construction company allows you to connect with a team of experienced individuals who ensure the happiness and prosperity of your spaces with an immaculate understanding of Vastu. Here are a few techniques to help your home comply with the best practices.

Vastu Tips for Main Entrance

The main entrance of a home facing towards the north

  • Placement: The entrance should face in an auspicious direction, such as east, north, or northeast, to allow positive energy to enter. A South-facing entrance is not recommended.
  • Positioning of Furniture: The entrance area should be clean, well-lit, and free of clutter. Avoid placing any heavy furniture that can obstruct the entrance, as it may hinder the flow of energy. You can decorate the entrance with auspicious symbols or images to attract positivity.
  • Use of Colors and Materials: Soothing colors such as light shades of green, blue, or yellow are recommended. As per the principles of Vastu for homes, avoid dark hues as they are known to absorb negative energy. Use sturdy and good-quality materials for the door, such as solid wood. Ensure that the door opens smoothly in a clockwise direction and does not creak.

Vastu Tips for Living Room