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Vastu for Plots: 18 Mahasutras

Nov 17 2019

Dileep Chandrashekhar

The Vastu is considered as a science rather than the myth. These are the rules set up by ancient Hindu people based on their research for the well-being of mankind. The Vastu will start from the selection of the best plot and will continue in each and every aspect until the house is constructed. Usually, during the time of the purchase of the plot or the land, people will not look into the Vastu and later repent for not having the best Vastu setup. This may also be due to the fewer availability of land or due to the increased cost of Vastu complaint land. The best shapes for the Vastu complaint land is square and rectangular. But, in half of the cases, it’s difficult to find such a piece of land. In those cases, always buy the Trapezoidal Gaumukhi land where the outer projection towards the road is less and towards the back is more. Do not go with the reverse combination of the trapezoidal land (Simhamukhi) as its considered to be extremely disadvantageous. Such plots are best for commercial purposes. Also avoid any other shaped land or plot which is triangular, circular, oval or the plot where North East side of the land is cut; its like head being chopped off from the property. 

Here are some tips to be considered before buying the plots.

  1. Select a calm place with a lot of greenery. Check for the fertile soil; fertile soil indicates the best soil for construction.
  2. Check for land history. Do not purchase a Temple, Graveyard or Cemetery land as these will contribute to your hardships and cause distress. 
  3. Always visit the land before buying. Open your senses, if these give positive instinct on the land, go with purchasing. Else, wait for another land as proceeding with the same land might bring you more distress.
  4. A land tilt of 20 deg. from the North, the line is considered to be auspicious. 
  5. Avoid a land which is adjacent to smell emanating place. 
  6. Avoid plots with missing corners. These are considered to be extremely inauspicious. 
  7. Avoid lands which are projected in North West, South East and South West. These are considered to bring bad luck for the owner.
  8. On the other hand, North East projected land is extremely good for residential purposes.
  9. Consider buying rectangular plots with longer sides on East-West over the same on North-South. 
  10. In case a road is heading the plot from the front, the plot is considered to obtain energy. This condition is known as Vithi Shool where Vithi means road and Shool means arrow. This energy is considered positive only when this happens from East North East or North North East directions. So, it's better to avoid all other kinds of Dead End plots.
  11. A plot which is of Island shaped with roads on all sides should be avoided for residential purposes.
  12. A plot with roads on three sides of North, East and West is considered auspicious for both residential and commercial purposes.
  13. While the plot with roads o three sides of North, South and East and any other combination is considered good only for commercial purposes.
  14. The Plots with roads on North and East are considered best and auspicious for a corner plot. These are called as Eshanya Plots.
  15. The Vayuvya Plots with roads on South and West are good for house construction.
  16. The other two combinations of corner plots namely Nairutya and Agneya must be avoided as these are considered to be inauspicious.
  17. In case of the one-sided road- plots, avoid west facing plot which is considered to be disadvantageous.
  18. There should not be any Banyan tree, Peepal tree or White fig tree in the 100m vicinity of the plot.

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