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Vibrant Walls - Texture and Wall Paper

Sep 06 2019

Varshnee Raj

The process of figuring out the perfect wall color for you can take up quite sometime. It has to reflect your taste as well as be a healthy, bright place to live. You can always experiment with a number of styles for every other room. At the same time it is not just colors but your can go with textured or patterned paint as well as wall papers and all this will be a great deal of idea to take a chance with.

So, before you pick your side of these choices let me place the possibilities available for you. This detail will help understand what you have and what you might like better.

Textured walls :

Textured wall papers will add perception and depth to your home. Plain colors leave behind a softer and natural look where as with the right type of textured wall types it is easily possible to add great depth to your homes. For people who are  looking for a theme that is more than just a color scheme ,textured walls will be the perfect way to go about. Textured walls usually add more than just a look, it gives a decoration to the wall that will make your space like a gallery.

Earlier texturing was limited to sprat textures that were priced quite low, but today metallic, embossed and much more techniques are lined up to choose from. Sometimes experimenting a little with colors especially multiple colors can give rise to a new look that will make it worth the efforts.

Wallpaper :

Wall papers have had their round in the market for a long time now. The recent add to these wall papers are textured wall papers. Today textured wallpapers are waterproof and come in a great deal of textures, varieties and colors and give a new scope to try around for your homes. Wallpaper opens a great deal of designs to try out and hence can be a great choice for your home.

How to choose – The Pros and Cons

Textured designs are the essence of new times in home interior design. But whether to go for wallpapers or wall paint is a choice that depends on the individual. The greatest issue with wallpapers that most face is that it is more probability of peeling away in moisture prone areas compared to paint especially with better bonding of paints today. Textured wallpapers are considerable more economical in comparison to textured wall paints. They are also easy to apply and need less labour in comparison to a textured wall. But textured walls will last longer in comparison to a wallpaper.

Discussing how long each of this will last, we will see that textured wallpapers might be an issue as it will not last as long as a textured wall itself. Options to change the look after years is just as much in both cases as you can try experimenting with a different shade of color for your textured wall or change the wallpaper design completely. Both of these can transform the look completely although textured walls looking for a new paint will cost more.

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