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Wooden House Construction In India

Sep 25 2019

Varshnee Raj

Wood is the magic that can bring class and elegance to anything with just its presence. Even after being used by so many across the world, wooden furniture is tasteful and eternally beautiful. Apart from using wooden furniture wood can also be used as the basic construction material in place of brick or concrete. Wooden houses are very popular in forest areas where we all dream to take the next vacation too. But wooden houses can also be a conventional choice for building houses.

A few brief about wooden house design, and the pros and cons of picking these is listed.

Why Wooden house:

Wooden housing has been a preference for constructions across Part of Europe as well as the United states and one of the main reasons behind the same is how easy the material transportation and building is in comparison to concrete homes. Wood is light and thus allows ease of construction and eliminates need for multiple heavy machinery. Wooden homes are faster to put together especially given that a lot of ready made choices are available. There is a choice to put together the construction in a factory and simple transport and install, or even if you build yourself sheet woods are readymade available in different sizes, easy to shape and shades and types that it is al the more easy to complete the process.

Also, Compared to concrete house construction it is observed that wooden house construction cost is less and efficient. The process is also faster and lot of money is saved there too. This also leaves a big opportunity to remodel with ease compared to concrete home. Wooden homes are also versatile and are energy efficient as they are natural insulators and hence cold and hot temperatures can be faced with ease with such homes.

Wooden homes are usually preferred in hilly areas due to availability as well as ease of transportation of the raw materials. But most importantly hilly areas prone to landslides or earthquake prone areas choose wooden houses over any other types. Similarly, the insulation property helps with areas facing extreme temperatures.

Why not ?

Well, with all the pros stated above comes a few drawbacks too. One important issue is termites. Making wood the basis of your home will mean a termite infestation can ruin quite a significant amount of the house. Also, presence of water or moisture inside wood walls can cause some damage. Natural expansion and shrinkage of the wooden material also affects.

But moisture resistant methods to cover wood is also becoming popular to increase the appeal. The fact that wood is a durable material and can give the strength and beauty that is unmatchable is a reason why wood can be a great choice to build your home. Wooden home choice is expanding these days. Many companies are importing wood in knocked -down form which can later be assembled at the specified location. This will help reduce overall labour cost as well as various other costs incurred in other building methods.

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