Terms & Conditions

  • The maximum cashback per successful conversion shall be 1% of the project value or Rs. 20,000 whichever is lower.
  • Each person referring his/ her friends will get cashback on successful conversion of project
  • Successful conversion of a project is on the completion of the slab of the ground floor of the project
  • The cashbacks shall be given within two weeks of successful conversion of a project
  • The discount amount for the new project shall be discounted in the final milestone of the project
  • All payments shall be made through direct account transfers only
  • An individual can refer to any number of people in a year
  • Brick&Bolt reserves the rights to modify the offer without prior information to the public
  • Brick&Bolt reserves the right to interpret the offering in case of ambiguity
  • Multiple offers cannot be clubbed while seeking a cashback or a discount
  • Rights to interpret ambiguities in the T&C shall lie exclusively with Brick&Bolt
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