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14 DIY Home Interior Design Ideas To Lift Your Morale During COVID-19

May 28 2021

Anwesha Nandy

All of us have been inside for quite a long time amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Things may appear very chaotic and you might be feeling exhausted and useless. To contain the spread of the infection, it is significant for you to remain at home and practice social distancing.

Lets’ all stay at home and stop the spread of COVID-19.

To keep you involved, we have listed some simple and creative DIY interior design themes that you can easily incorporate to revive your space and lift your morale.

There are several ways to alter the appearance of your home because let's face it, you'll eventually find something you don't like about the way it looks or become bored with your current design and decorations. So, what are your options?

There's a lot you can do.

All you need is a pinch of creativity and DIY interior design ideas from this article. Enjoy!


Geometric Pattern for Interior Design

The use of geometry in interior design is all about making both impactful and endearing shapes, lines, and emotions. It's a clever and attractive way to add character to any space, and it'll get people talking. We all have the hoops that our parents or grandparents used to make beautiful embroidery work with, but we all do it differently with them! To make something amazing, combine various shapes of hoops with ribbons and scarves. Geometric patterns add a splash of color to any space. To give space a gallery feels, interior designers paint multicolored squares all over a white grid but you can create some cool interior design using your creativity. Easy tiles are used to continue the pattern. Graphic wallpaper creates a sleek, cozy atmosphere in a living room while still evoking a retro vibe.

DIY Painted Pots for Home Interior Design

Have you ever considered how attractive plant pots could make your plants look? A growing number of crafters are choosing to personalize their plant pots by decorating them. Painting a plant pot is a fast and easy activity that both children and adults can enjoy, and it makes a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys plants. Isn't it true that we all enjoy having a brightly colored room in our homes? Painted flower pots will accomplish this, adding a vivid and radiant element to your garden or home. You can successfully unleash your artistic side with simple DIY painted flower pots for your home interior design. So go on and enjoy making some of these beautifully painted flower pots.


DIY Gallery Wall for Interior Design

There are many ways to personalize your room and change your home's interior design and one of them is to create a gallery wall. It allows you to cherish all of your family's memories while still allowing you to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. You can decorate your room without spending a lot of money if you do it yourself. Make art out of all the pictures you've taken. Tie bits of yarn to a long wooden dowel, then tie your favorite images to the yarn.

DIY Dried Flower Hanger/Wall for Interior Design

This flower wall decor can be done in under an hour. By using a bit of creativity, you can make that dull wall look beautiful and unique. Fill your empty walls with beautiful DIY wall decor that is personalized to your style and change the overall home interior design with such a simple idea.


DIY Painted Leaves for Home Interior Design

Create your own metal leaf wall art for home interior design with few simple steps: -

Start by dismantling your fern and deciding which leaves you want to use on your canvas. Then, using white primer, spray paint your fern. Repeat the procedure with your gold metallic spray paint until both sides are dry. Finally, use hot glue to adhere each new fake metal leaf to your canvas. For a fun, modern, and slightly eclectic look, hang it in your favorite spot.

DIY Patterned Dresser for Interior Design

Make your DIY dresser the center of attention in your room by applying various colors to it. You can use different pastel colors so it won’t be too overwhelming. Light hues reflect a soothing and soft touch to your interior design. Alternatively, you can paint it in neon colors to achieve that tropical vibe. You can also be creative and decorate the handles or knobs with animated face masks or cartoon characters. Whether subtle or neon, choose shades that’ll complement the home interior design

DIY Storage for Home Interior Design

Use vegetable crates to make a fun and practical end table to add a little funk to your living room while keeping it rustic. This end table is simple to build and paint, and it will provide additional storage for your living room. DIY storage ideas are effective, safe, and easy, and make excellent alternatives to store-bought options. Not only do you get to channel your creative energy into making them, but you’re also sure to pick up new skills along the way as well.


DIY Canvas Painting for Interior Design

To make stunning wall art, you don't need to be an art student or a well-known painter. Painting on canvas is suitable for people of all ability levels, and the supply list is also limited. You can make trendy and professional pieces that range from beach scenes to abstract designs. A list of DIY canvas painting ideas will help you to get started. Examine the pictures to see which ones correspond to the theme of your room and house. Discover ideas for your unique canvas masterpiece. This one-of-a-kind wall art you make will be a lovely addition to your home interior design.

DIY Flower Wall for Interior Design

Flowers wilt after a while, so fresh flower wall decor will only last a short time. Consider using artificial flowers for longer-lasting flower wall arrangements. Another clever idea is to print your flowers on a heavier cardstock and then cut them out to hang on the wall. Make a floral hanging by stringing flowers and tying them to a hanging wall branch. To make floral wall centerpieces, arrange your flowers, greenery, and fillers on a canvas frame. Glue the tail of one flower to the head of another to make longer floral strands, then hang them on the wall to create a flower wall.

Add a Mirror to Every Room for Interior Design

This is an easy idea that can give your home a magnificent look. Since mirrors bounce light around the room, they brighten the space. Have you found that when you try on a dress in a store's trial space, you look stunning? If you wear the same dress at home, it doesn't feel as graceful. Mirrors have the effect of making anything around them seem flawless. So, put a trendy DIY mirror in every room of your home. This will improve the reflection of light and add to the charm of your home.


Creative Wall Pattern for Home Interior Design

Any space can be transformed with creative wall painting ideas. You can transform interior design beyond recognition with paint, innovative techniques, and original ideas, and create customized living spaces that embody current decorating trends and contemporary lifestyles. There are several different ways to decorate walls, but vivid and unexpected painting ideas add an imaginative vibe and creative designs to your interiors. A big and dynamic design on your main wall will brighten up your living room. To make it look like traditional artwork, take the form of an elephant and use a mix of floral and Asian colorful motifs.

DIY Candle Holders for Home Interior Design

We’re also the kind of people, who get bored of our smaller décor pieces easily and like to change them out often. That’s why you can create unique candleholders at home that will look great no matter the quality of the candle. You can check online for some ideas and can choose the ones you like best, get the materials you need, and create something of your own. Decoration with candles adds a heartfelt environment to any space, indoor or outside. These days, DIY is the new standard. Anything you see in malls or shopping malls can be easily DIYed. Why not use candles as decorations? For these candle decorations, you can use mason jars, milkshake bottles, and other products.

DIY Homemade Candles for Home Interior Design

Homemade candles are an amazing home interior design addition, especially when they are filled in quirky and colorful jars. Candles add warmth, coziness, and light to every space. When you make your candles, you can use essential oils you love the most or even try combining a few fragrances. For inspiration, orange blossom with clove and lavender with white musk pair extremely well. If you are making your candles, ensure that you work with hot wax safely; the last thing you want right now is an unwanted trip to the hospital and keep away from children and pets. Learn how to make candles in few steps.

DIY Bottle Lamp for Interior Design

DIY projects will make your home more unique; however, if you're looking for a new lamp to add to your home interior design, think twice before spending money. We tend to overspend, so keep your composure and make the stuff you require on your own. The result is invaluable! Why spend money on a new lamp when you can make one yourself? Learn ways or process of creating your bottle lamp.

Since you are stuck at home doesn't mean you can't make some great memories. We trust these fast DIY tips motivate you to get creative and create beautiful interior space for yourself.





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