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Balcony Decoration Ideas – Themes That Can Change Your Idea of Balcony Décor

May 28 2021

Anwesha Nandy

Take up the "Balcony Makeover Challenge" this quarantine.

Living in a city keeps your days full and leaves you with little time to relax, especially when it comes to decorating or beautifying your home. The balcony is an area that is often overlooked but has a lot of potentials. I believe this space is given the least amount of attention compared to any other room in your house.

These balcony decoration ideas will undoubtedly come in handy when it comes to giving your apartment’s new corner a fresh look. The balcony is one of our favorite spots in the house, and we naturally want to have an ideal balcony decor.

If you want to renovate your outdoor space or simply improve the appearance of your balcony but are confused, we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of 10 balcony design ideas that we simply adore and think you'll enjoy as well. Read on to find your perfect match!

To appreciate the breeze and view of the outdoors, the balcony decor and sitting arrangements are critical. So, while you're planning the perfect balcony design ideas for yourself, keep the size of the space in mind so that it doesn't appear or feel cluttered.

Bohemian Balcony Décor

Boho chic vibe is ideal for spring and summer and is influenced by Gypsy culture. It's vibrant and cheerful. The simplest method to design your balcony in this manner is to use and play with bright materials. Decorate your balcony with Moroccan-inspired items such as lanterns, large colored floor cushions, and chests, as well as blankets, rugs, and even curtains.

A little balcony in the Bohemian style may always catch everyone's attention. The decor and colors are just stunning. As a result, it becomes an ideal spot to unwind, relax, and enjoy the weekend. This comfortable spot is also a great place to meet new people. When your visitors stay here, they will feel at ease.

Rustic Balcony Decoration Ideas

Creativity is the heart of design. Rustic in general is an adjective that refers to an interior that is rough, aged, vintage, or distressed in some way. This is mainly because the decor of this style is dominated by natural components. In a rustic balcony decor or a rustically decorated balcony, raw materials are particularly common. Wood and stone will be unpolished and reclaimed, rather than polished and shiny. Placing some lovely wooden shelves in the balcony area improves its appearance while also providing appropriate storage space and also adds up the balcony décor.

Small Balcony Design Ideas

What design should you use if you don't have a lot of space? having greenery on a balcony gives the sensation of being in a garden, therefore placing pots with herbs, flowers, on the floor and walls is a great idea.

The first important thing is to find a seat, and here is where the balcony's size comes into play. If you want to add seating to a small balcony then a floor pillow with some rug is enough. If you have more room, tiny seats and a table would be the perfect option. Also, a small sofa with a blanket can be used to read books in comfort. It's entirely up to you, the style you want, and the environment you want to create.

Special Lighting for Balcony Decor

Install an outdoor pendant or sconces to provide enough light for late-night gatherings. Choose string lights or outdoor lanterns if you're renting. Your area will feel pleasant and warm with good lighting. So be sure to deck your balcony with string lights or lanterns to give it a nice ambiance.

Hanging Balcony Decoration Ideas

Your balcony will appear festive with star lanterns. Consider including them, whether you buy them or make them yourself. Use glass jars to make these railing lanterns if you have a lot of them. When the sun goes down, adding string lights may add a romantic touch to your balcony decor. Consider supplying them with a large number of lanterns and candles. Hanging Planters made of wood or other materials can also be used. The natural wood of the shelves and planters gives it a more natural feel and adds to the scenic beauty.

Retro Theme for Balcony Decor

A retro concept and style are evident in the décor, which includes a stone brick wall, wooden windows, and a colored bench. Even today, adopting retro-style furniture lends a level of class to space to the point where it becomes a talking point for those who view it.

Vertical Planter Wall for Balcony Décor

Remember to make use of your vertical space by adding hanging planters and creeper vines. By grouping all of your planters, balcony wall planter design ideas will allow you to have more free space. Furthermore, getting rid of the untidiness of your planters in your small balcony and yard will be a pleasure. Furthermore, having vertical balcony décor allows you to have planters and, of course, more decorative plants and flowers. Vertical decorative planters will provide you with free space to spend your leisure time. In addition, the vertical balcony decoration ideas will give you a distinctive and attractive appearance. Greenery is necessary for a balcony decor to be complete. Finally, once you’re done your balcony with indoor plants will give it the feel of your dream backyard.

Update Boring Pots for Balcony Decor

Replace old and boring pots with bright and colorful planters in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’ve got a sturdy railing, use a row of planters filled with flowering plants to add a charming touch. The vibrant planters will look amazing no matter the size of the balcony it’s going to take the idea of balcony design a notch higher.

Install a Swing to Uplift your Balcony Décor

Install a swing if your balcony has an overhang so you may enjoy the view. Swings on the balcony make it the ideal spot for chilling and relaxing. Also, when you want to enjoy reading or sipping a coffee cup, a stylish swing with a coffee table fits well onto a tiny balcony and gives adequate seats. Cushions in pastel tones and colors, put on the swings, complete the look and contribute to the elegance and style of the balcony decor.

Choose the Right Furniture for Balcony Décor

A balcony is a space that apartment residents consider to be the ultimate amenity. A balcony, on the other hand, is nothing without a comfortable seating arrangement. Without a few pieces of furniture, a balcony isn't complete. You'll need somewhere to sit and unwind. So why not add some wicker furniture to your balcony and make it more modern?

Seating Arrangement for Balcony Decor

The fresh, crisp air of early mornings, a morning cup of tea, and a comfy area to sit and read require a perfect seating spot. Let’s explore a few here: -

Give it a Desi Flavour

To give your balcony decor a desi flavor, take a basic and traditional technique. Upholstered sofas with ethnic designs, chairs, poufs, candlelight holders, and an ottoman should all be brought in. To enhance the overall aesthetic of this space, add candles and flowers.

Furniture Made of Wicker

Create a calm and soothing environment on your balcony by furnishing it with comfortable wicker sofas and a table.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Bring the enjoyment of the outdoors inside by transforming your balcony into a garden. You can hold a mini-picnic by laying artificial grass on the floor and adding some comfortable cushions and linens. There's no better location to bring the outside in than your apartment's balcony. Although most apartments are small, and balconies are much smaller, it does not have to feel cramped. If you spend some time redesigning it properly, it may be extremely cozy.

Key Points

If you have a small balcony then do not clutter it with unnecessary items.

Folding chairs and tables are a good choice because they can be stored neatly when not in use.

Also, remember before you make any hurried decisions, you need to know what you're working with – especially the balcony's size.

Most city-dwellers dream of having their own private outdoor space, even if it's just a modest balcony. If you're fortunate enough to have a balcony, you owe it to yourself—and your friends—to take advantage of it. This entails more than simply putting a lawn chair out and calling it a day. Your balcony, no matter how small, has a lot of design potential. If you rent a home, you may be restricted from drilling holes, painting, or making other improvements but the above points will let you have a cool balcony for yourself without worrying much.

You can make even the smallest of balconies look charming and relaxing with these small balcony ideas, so get creative! So, take on the Balcony Makeover Challenge this Quarantine and give your balcony a makeover and Stay Home & Stay Safe!




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