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8 Important Things To Know Before Choosing the Best Tiles for Your House

Dec 13 2022


In the present scenario, tiles are a vital component in adding finishing and beauty to the interior and exterior of buildings. It is typically used to construct pavements, floors, roofs, and drains. Tiles are also used for various decorative (embellishing) purposes at different parts of the house.

Tiles are primarily composed of clay or other inorganic basic materials. Nowadays, recycled materials are also used to make tiles, making the material more environmentally friendly. Various types of tiles can be purchased in glazed or unglazed form for building construction. Tiles are primarily incombustible and remain unaffected under the light.

It is mostly used to create the right atmosphere, but sometimes it is challenging to choose suitable tiles. An interior designer should be consulted to provide excellent recommendations on making the proper selection of tiles for the construction of the house.

Types of Tiles Used in Construction

Depending upon the type of surface, different kinds of tiles are used in building construction. Following are the types of tiles that are used primarily based on the surface of the application:

Floor Tiles: Floor tiles are used for building flooring. These tiles are often square or rectangular, but many more shapes are now readily available on the market. These tiles are generally referred to as flat tiles. Although the floor tiles come in various sizes, their thickness ranges from 12 to 50 mm. The floor tiles should be durable enough to withstand wear and tear due to load. The tiles should be thoroughly burnt and free from pebbles, grit, and any other undesired material. Floor tiles mostly have scratch-proof and damp-proof properties. It does not require to be polished and therefore saves time.

Roof Tiles: These tiles are used to cover the structure of the building. They are primarily used on sloping roofs. Roof tiles are mainly used when there is a need for decoration or aesthetics. It is a good substitute for plain galvanized iron corrugated sheets and timber. The roofing tiles should be sufficiently durable, leak-proof, and easy to handle. The fixing of these tiles should be simple and durable.

Wall Tiles: Wall tiles are ceramic tiles that are fixed to the building's walls. They are almost identical to floor tiles but less compressive and come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. They are used where the chances of dampness are high. These tiles are very much decorative and add splendor to the house.

Drain Tiles: Drain tiles are tiles that are used for the lining of drains. The tiles' shapes can be segmental, semicircular, or circular. These tiles are typically used for irrigation drains, domestic drains, or for draining surface rainwater out of cities. Drain tiles are also used to keep fields from being overly saturated so that there is no hindrance in the growth of crops in the field. The drain tile system is installed in the home to prevent moisture or groundwater from penetrating the building's basement.

Properties of Good Tiles

1.   Good tiles should have the following properties:

2.   A good tile should have a standard shape and size

3.   It must not have any twists, cracks, or defects

4.   It must be evenly colored and well-burnt

5.   When struck, a suitable tile should produce a clear ringing sound 

6.   It must be sturdy and hard

7.   The broken surface of the tile must show an even and compact structure

Top 5 Tile Companies in India

Kajaria Ceramics: One of India's top tile firms is Kajaria Ceramics. The company has established the standard for other tile companies by producing high-quality products. This company has provided new heights to the Indian tiles market. Kajaria Ceramics is the biggest manufacturer of ceramic and vitrified tiles. It exports tiles to more than 30 countries worldwide. Kajaria Ceramics has nine plants across India in several states, including Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh.

Somany Ceramics: Somany ceramics is another big tile manufacturer company in India. It offers a complete range of products which includes Vitrified Tiles, Digital Tiles, Ceramic Wall & Floor, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Bath Fittings, Sanitaryware, and Tile Laying Solutions. The company has manufacturing plants in Gujarat and Haryana. It has a combined yearly production capacity of 60 million square meters. It is India's second-largest tile manufacturer.

HSIL Ltd: Among the reputable tile manufacturers in India, HSIL is a well-known name. This company offers you the most beautiful and durable floor tile, bathroom fixtures, and other building items. It is India's largest and most reputable ceramic tile company.

Regarding durability, HSIL is one of the top tile brands in India. In India, the company is the most reputable and prominent sanitaryware manufacturer.

Grindwell Norton Ltd: Regarding sales, Grindwell Norton Ltd ranks third among Indian tile manufacturers. This tiles company which started India's grinding wheel industry in 1941, is listed on both the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges. Abrasives, Ceramic Materials Operations (Silicon Carbide and Performance Ceramics & Refractories), Performance Plastics, and ADFORS are currently among GNO's businesses.

Asian Granito India Ltd: One of the biggest producers of Quartz stone, Engineered Marble, Outdoor Tiles, and Ceramic Tiles in India is Asian Granito. The company's headquarter is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is among the top ten tile manufacturers in India. It ranks among the best ceramic businesses in India. It is among the top ten tile manufacturers in India. It ranks among the best ceramic companies in India.

Today, it has become one of India's most prominent groups, with a global reach spanning more than 58 countries. It is one of India's top manufacturers of tiles.