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House Construction Contractors in Bangalore

Nov 30 2020

Anwesha Nandy

Building a new home can be exciting and stressful too. It's better if we leave it up to the contractors, and hire a skilled house construction contractor. 

A House construction contractor is someone responsible for constructing and renovating your house.

By hiring the right house construction contractor, you can avoid a couple of things which include:

  • Poor quality, 
  • Legal problems 
  • Delays.

There are a couple of ways to find the right house construction contractor in Bangalore

  • Do a little research online
  • Check with your friends and family  
  • Hire an end to end construction service provider in Bangalore

Few other things you need to know before hiring a house construction contractor in Bangalore

  1. Have a strategy before the construction starts
  2. Do a background check of the contractor
  3. Know about the contractor’s work history and work habits 
  4. A contractor must be licensed and registered.

Get a better understanding of the house construction process

Types of contractors for house construction

General Contractor for house construction

In Bangalore, the general contractors are responsible for hiring subcontractors who will be responsible for electrical works, painting works, and plumbing works. It is also mandatory for contractors to be on site regularly to track and inspect progress.

General Contractors usually manage a team of subcontractors who help in various types of work in the construction of your project.

Questions you should ask a general contractor

  1. What qualities do they look for in subcontractors?
  2. If he is licensed and insured?
  3. How long will it take to complete the project?

Civil Contractors for house construction

Civil construction falls in the category of civil engineering which is all about designing, and constructing.

The rates of a civil contractor depend on the kind of work he/she will be responsible for as per your requirements.

A masonry work would cost you approximately Rs 350 to Rs 650/ sq. ft. and Rs 650 to Rs 1, 400/sq. ft. for tile works and simple flooring.

Understand brick vs cement block in masonry

The scope of work for a civil contractor in Bangalore for residential projects includes the construction of high-rise buildings, stand-alone apartments, housing complexes.

Building Contractors for house construction

A building contractor is someone who can take care of several things during your house construction process.

Is it possible for you to continuously track the project?

If you are someone who cannot visit the site daily, then a building contractor is a perfect match for you.

Building contractors rate starts from Rs 1300 to Rs 1750.

Know ways to get the best rate from contractor or architect

A building contractor takes care of the plumbing work, electrical work, and all civil works. A building contractor will arrange the raw materials, vehicles, and many more.

Few responsibilities of a building contractor include:

  • A building contractor will get you the building plan,
  • He will get the required approval
  • He will get the building materials
  • He will supervise
  • He will be in-charge till the project ends

Building contractors rate starts from Rs 1300 to Rs 1750

Building Contractors or Civil engineers often play the role of a project manager and are responsible for all aspects of the project. They are also responsible for completing the project at the scheduled time.


The disadvantage of hiring a building contractor is that the contractor may use low-quality materials that are relatively inexpensive and thereby increase their profit.

Labor Contractors for house construction

In the case of a labor contract, the house owner has to provide all the materials. The owner should have a labor contract agreement for house construction with a list of works.

The current labor contractor rates in Bangalore starts from Rs 260/sq. ft to Rs 360/ sq. ft.

In Bangalore, some of the works done by the labor contractors include: 

  • Brickwork,
  • Fixing 
  • Concreting &
  • Plastering etc.

In the case of a labor contract, the labor contractor works on a labor contract basis based on an hourly tariff. But you are responsible for providing all the raw materials to the labor contractor required for the construction of a project. 

But the main question is are you aware of where and how are you going to get the raw materials?

Are you good at negotiating?

The advantage of a labor contract is that the owner can buy quality materials and has a choice on the brand and price.

For your information

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) blacklisted 32 contractors for raising fake bills over civic works between 2008-2011

You can’t trust the quality anymore. So be careful of who you trust.

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