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How to Build Your Dream Villa in Bangalore| Villa Construction Cost | Cost To Build A Villa

May 31 2021

Anwesha Nandy

All of us have fantasized about living in luxurious villas with top to bottom glass windows, impeccable interior designs, and lavish pools and gardens. What is a villa exactly? A villa is considered a significant and luxurious country house. 

The concept of villas originated in Rome. They have now evolved into an amenity only rich people could afford. Every person has his/her ideas when it comes to villa design. Let us look at some of the best villa design ideas.


Best Villas Design Ideas 

1- Art Deco Delight

The key features of this villa design are:

  • Graphic and geometrical pattern
  • Polished chrome or brass
  • Timber furnishing
  • Layered airless lighting

It can be best described as a bold, artistic expression with a hint of exotic touches. Its elegance came from its origin in Paris in 1925. It has the flashy display of the 1920s in it. 

2- Bohemian beauty

If you are fond of liberty and a carefree style, then Bohemian beauty is the best for you. Its most attractive feature is that it is purposefully messy. 

It is a combination of a variety of textures and materials, from natural to metallic. Warm red and purple tones are highly embraced with plenty of layering on rugs, pillows, or blankets.

3- Classical reflections

This villa's interior design originated in Europe during the 1960s-1980s. The impressionist music, art, architecture, and literature of that time inspired its origin.

The people fond of formal styles and sophistication prefer this style. This symbolizes a classic look and simplicity. It is full of heavy drapery, gilded frames, and ornate woodwork.

4- Contemporary cheer

The contemporary villa interior design refers to the creation of now, today. It is based on what is trending and popularizing currently.

If you love changes and trends, this is for you. The current trend is the simplicity of whites, greys, and blonds. 

5- Elegant country

The countryside's beauty usually contributes to the villa's exterior design. But you can add that beauty to the interiors too.

As the name suggests, this villa design is more about calmness. It follows the lifestyle and muse of the countryside.

6- Hollywood glam

If you love to flaunt your villa's charisma, then this design is for you. Hollywood glam villa exterior design is the perfect example of lustrous luxury paired with deluxe furnishing. Elegant accents like velvets, metallics with rich colors like red, purple, and blue.

Add a furry red carpet to your room, along with glittery cushions. You can add a lampshade or lights around your bathroom to add more dramatics to the design.

7- Industrial edge 

This style seems rather groovy and modern, but its essential features are rustic and sensible. Its character is built by the advantages of steel, timber, and bricks to create a twitchy living space.

It has preserved the best qualities of 20th-century art and brings out that raw beauty and volatile appeal. Its most exciting feature is its unisex appeal. It usually suits larger spaces such as villas.

8- Mid-century modern

Do you feel like an old-school person stuck in the wrong generation? Then this villa design is definitely for you. As the name suggests, it uses messy and fussy modern techniques combined with nostalgic elements of the 1950s and 60s.

Its most outstanding feature is that it looks elegant and straightforward, along with some retro fun standing out. 

9- Minimalist musings

The bachelor population prefers this modern villa design the most! The reason for the choice is its easy maintenance feature. It is characterized by simple furniture, a neutral color palette, and clean lines.

It carries the style of creativity and simplicity. It shuts out the unmanageable clutter and defines beauty in "less."

10- Nautical escape

With the adventurous and nautical theme, this villa design is inspired by deep blues. It is best for your seaside villa as it complements the beauty of the beach and sea. It usually brings out a feeling of relaxation and joy.

With features such as rustic furniture, oozy sea motifs, a blue color palette, and boating ornaments, this theme can be your chill zone.

What are the different types of villas?

1- Countryside villa


These types of villas are constructed using basic materials such as concrete and wood. But they are accurately equipped with all kinds of luxuries. Depending on the location, sometimes the ceilings or structures can be made up of palm or bamboo. 

2- Urban villas


These types of Villas are built in larger places and are way bigger than simple houses. They are equipped with all kinds of amenities. The architecture is made colonial, minimalist, and royal. They have rustic, Mediterranean, or colonial feels. 

They are mainly designed to be inhabited for short durations such as vacations or breaks.

3- Luxury villa


As the name suggests, these villas are made with unique and exclusive designs. They outshine other houses or villas because of the facilities such as :

• Heated pool

• Sauna

• Underground wine cellar

• Cinema room

• Gym room

They are also located in either posh areas or at privileged locations such as beaches. Celebrity-owned villas usually have these kinds of amenities.

4- Ecological villa


Justifying their name appropriately, these villas are constructed in a manner that makes maximum usage of sunlight and saves energy. The building material used is renewable, innovative, and integrative with the environment. These villas can operate partially or completely independently.

Adopting modern needs is a step towards sustainable development. They are an example of "Comfort with Preservation."

5- Modern villas 


These types of villas are generally smaller than the average villas but accommodate all the amenities. They have a modern villa design in a confined space, as usual, the location demands it. They are generally found in Delhi or Mumbai.

What should be taken into account when constructing a villa in Bangalore India?

Building a villa of your own is a dream that almost every individual carries since childhood. The imaginations range from a " Bollywood-like villa" to a " Simple but elegant villa." While going through various stages of life, you keep modifying your modern villa design till you reach the point where you can actually construct it!

The feeling of owning a villa is surely euphoric. But the construction phase involving a long list of procedures can be hectic. Managing all the spheres alone without any prior knowledge of anything can be perplexing.

A list of things you should take into consideration while your villa construction is as follows :

1- Confirm your Financial Options

Look out for your villa construction cost. Your source of finance can be a housing loan, personal loan, or a saving loan from a bank. It can be your own long-life savings. Just remember to be ready with your financial options for any villa design you pick.

Also, keep in mind that the construction materials start degrading quickly. Hence, don't start the project before you have all your options ready with you.

2- Location Matters the Most

Choosing a location involves a holistic perspective. From all the comforts to the practicalities, everything depends on your choice of location.

You'll have to consider what environment you want around yourself. Do you want a clear view of sunsets, greenery, and nature? Or are you okay with the sight of buildings in the morning?

Before your villa Bangalore construction, checking all the legalities is also important. Gather all the information about :

• Regulations

• Development plans

• Permits

• Development restrictions

• Code restrictions

• Zoning and other legalese

You must consider the water sources, drainage facilities, and other utility systems before finalizing a location.

3- Documentations and permission

Before starting the construction, you will require permission from the concerned authorities. For a villa in Bangalore, you'll need permission from Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). It is also vital to get approval from Bangalore Electricity Company (BESCOM) and Bangalore Water Sewerage and Sanitary Board (BWSSB).

Check your villa exterior design. If it is meant to be taller than 15 meters, you'll also need permission from the fire department.

To get your plan sanctioned, you'll have to fill an application form. Along with the application, you'll have to submit the following documents :

  • Recent Khata certificate and extract.
  • Tax receipts giving information about your tax returns for the last three years.
  • Encumbrance certificate from 2004 to the present date.
  • Mother Deed and Grant Deed. Or gift deed, if that is the case.

4- Hire the right contractor

The most prominent thing you should consider while hiring a contractor is registration. Check the contractor's license and the previous projects on luxury villas in Bangalore. 

The next thing to consider is experience and reputation. A long time of experience will ensure appropriate villa construction. And a good market reputation will ensure reliability.

How much will it cost to build a Villa in Bangalore?

Banglore being a cosmopolitan city has increased the growth of the real estate sector. It is brimming rapidly around the city. The reason for its growth has mainly been the migration of people to this city in hope of new job opportunities.

The current cost of building a villa in Bangalore varies from 1500 to 1700 per sq. ft. Though it mainly varies according to the location of the site or the villa you are preferring. And the amenities such as school, hospital, college, restaurant, hotels, etc. also influence the cost to some extent.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a villa in Bangalore?


India's IT capital, also called the Garden city of India, is Bangalore. It is one of India's most well-known cities. Its qualities attract many migrants every year who seek wonders. People prefer it as their permanent residence for some extraordinary reasons. Some of those reasons are :

1- Wide choices 

Banglore is India's real estate hotspot. You'll get a villa/house/ apartment or any other form of residence at affordable prices. The luxury villas in Bangalore give you the freedom to choose from a variety of options.

2- Price benefits

Residence in Bangalore is more affordable than all the other cosmopolitan cities in India. At the prices of apartments in Mumbai or Delhi, you can get a villa in Bangalore. 

Even at the heart of the city, you can afford modern villa designs without burning your pocket up. 

3- Luxurious amenities

It is well-known that Banglore is home to both people from India and foreign both. The development of the city is therefore done likewise.

Villa designs accommodate swimming pools, play areas, indoor gyms, etc., as the common facilities. The builders try their best to provide world-class facilities at affordable prices.


Even though it is everyone's dream to own a villa, the cost of real estate shooting up every year makes you question your choices. However, it's true that loans and EMIs often help you with villa construction costs. But these loans and EMIs can be problematic.

Hence, the question arises, is it worth owning a villa? Some of the disadvantages of the same are listed below:

1- Poor location

It is true that the affordability of Banglore is more than Delhi and Mumbai. But this affordability keeps fluctuating as you move around Bangalore.

Besides the uncertainty of villa construction cost, you'll mainly find the villas in the outskirts. Central Bangalore has more apartments; hence villas occupy the far-off areas.

2- Smaller plots

Bangalore offers you smaller plots to construct your villa. Smaller plots directly mean smaller villas. It is obvious that when you desire a villa, you wish it to have the desired villa exterior design and villa interior design.

3- Lack of amenities and maintenance

As mentioned earlier, the location of villas is not ideal. Their distance from the city makes it hard to get amenities at hand, especially during emergencies. You might also lack social interaction due to the same reasons.

As every coin has two faces, there are advantages and disadvantages to everything. It is upon your understanding that which inspires your decision the most. Considering every aspect before diving into something is always a smart decision. Browse through every aspect and enjoy your luxurious life in your "Dream Villa." If you are looking for a reputed construction company in Bangalore for your luxury villa in Bangalore construction then look no further than Brick&Bolt. They can assist you at every step of your villa construction and can further work on your estimated villa construction cost. 

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