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How to Design Your Kitchen With Smart and Small Remodel Ideas

Apr 29 2022


A kitchen is the heart of the house. Delicious smells of food wafting in the air are an everyday occurrence in every household. But don't you think the kitchen doesn't get its due respect when we try to renovate the house? It's always ignored. Every family tends to shell out the least for their renovations. This makes it gloomier and more claustrophobic for the cook. But the look of the kitchen can be changed by incorporating small and smart ideas. All this without putting a dent in the pocket. So hop on, because we are brimming with ideas. 


Throw In Some Light 

The most basic tip to making a small space look a bit bigger is to add sunlight. Yes, the one thing that comes at ZERO cost. There are simple tricks that can help you. For example, you can adjust your dining table to the window, where you can get maximum sunlight. Also, the dining table is a farm table that will make your kitchen look like a dream. Adding to the charm would be natural blue lights from the window, which will make the table look stunning.


You can also adjust your countertop near the window.

With the ample amount of light pouring in, the kitchen space would look bigger and larger. Also, with natural light blending with the correct shade of paint on the walls, it will make your space look ethereal and homely. Add some flowery pots to the window or on top of the refrigerator (where sunlight reaches), which will help in eradicating the presence of carbon dioxide. If you aren't too big a fan of sunlight, you can always use sconces over the countertop or sink area. Or you can use some statement lighting over the dining table, giving it a retro feel. 


Play With Colors 

No one likes a boring colour in the room. You can mix it up with splashes of colours like blush pink and aqua lacquered countertop. This gives it a larger feel. The same can be said about the colour white. It is always said the whiter, the brighter. At the same point, add the colour of your serving ware to the nooks and handles. There you go, you have got your customised kitchen. 

If you are given a fresh coat of paint, you can also paint ceilings. With the correct light fixtures, the paint on the ceiling will glow, giving the kitchen a chic look. When painting, choose a colour that will complement both your dining room and your living room (if you have an open kitchen plan). The idea is that the kitchen should not have a pink colour while the living room area is coloured green. Both the colours should blend in with each other. 


Utilize Every Available Space.

One thing is always guaranteed: as homeowners, we don't use every nook and cranny of space. Don't believe me? Just look at the space around your refrigerator. I am sure movable cabinets can fit in right there. Now, what to put in that movable cabinet? For starters, you can throw in your daily essential groceries. Also, there is a lot more space in your kitchen. You don't believe me again, do you? The space below the sink can be used for keeping kitchen supplies. You can cover it up with a makeshift curtain. I am sure there is one more space that you are avoiding using as a countertop. Did you find any? Well, let me in on the secret space. The sink!!! Yes, by just putting a hardwood plate on top of it (when not in use), you can use the sink area as a countertop as well. 

You can also remove upper cabinets and make use of shelves. An open shelf makes it so much easier to access dishes and glasses. Whenever you are renovating your kitchen, plan to renovate it architecturally. This will give you ample space to design and play in.


Breakfast Bar- A Life Savior 

If you have a studio apartment or your kitchen doesn't have any doors, it opens up into the living room. There is a very smart thing that can be done. You can build a dining space that can be doubled up as a countertop. This can be lined up with one of the walls of the kitchen. When not using it for cooking, you can just use it for enjoying breakfast. 

If you have less space at your disposal, then you can customise the breakfast bar as a door. It can be built in the pathway of the exit and can work as a breakfast bar and a door. A tall table can also do wonders for your kitchen. It can be level with the kitchen island and can be added to as a countertop and can be used as a dining table as well.


Add Showpieces 

Who says the showpieces are for the living room or the paintings for the master bedroom? To add character to your kitchen, you can hang the showpiece on the wall. It would only make your kitchen look more personal. You can also go all out by adding wallpapers. A metallic sheen wallpaper gives the room a more contemporary look. Also, if you don't want it running throughout the entire space, you can always use it on one wall. It gives the feeling of an accent and makes the kitchen look chic. The idea behind this is not to cover the entire kitchen area with one painting or mural, but to concentrate on one wall. This can also be incorporated by adding a clock on one of the spare walls, which can give a star effect to your kitchen. The murals can be inserted on the floors. With intricate patterns, it will give the illusion of a larger area. 


Showcase Your Appliances

If you have got it, flaunt it. Everyone has that vivid collection of appliances in dramatic colours. The food processor will be black, the hand blender will be parrot green, and the ice cream maker will be hot red. With so many vivid colours at hand, it should grace the countertop when not in use. Also, you can show off the cutlery that you are collecting from around the world. Place it on the single stand atop the sink. In that way, it can be easily accessible and put on exhibition for all to see. 


Hang Pots 

There are innumerable pots in the pantry, and adding to the healthy mix are coffee mugs, different types of spatulas, and woks. Where to keep all this? Simple, on your head. Not literally. Just raise a handlebar above the countertop and extract it whenever you are in need. Copper pipe shelving or a brass rod looks super chic and gives an ultramodern look to the kitchen. The gold fixture on the rod, inspired by the retro ship, makes the space cosier and complements the space. It will also make extra space for all the appliances. 

Monochrome never goes out of fashion. Black and white never go out of fashion. If you are confused with the designs on the walls or what should be the colour of the floor, Or maybe the architect has just given you too many options. Always go with monochrome; it will not fail you. With criss-cross designs of white and black on the floor and with white cabinet colours, the kitchen will look super chic. But if you want to add a bit of elegance to it, you can always use the design details of the ship. Also, you can go with glass doors on the cabinet and on the main door. It will give it a more vintage Italian feel, as well as make your space seem larger.


Keep the countertop clean.  

No one wants a clumsy kitchen top with bits of appliances here and there. In addition, numerous oil bottles are also strewn in one corner. Overall, it doesn't look good and it quashed all the hard work done by you in designing this area. To solve this problem, you can always park these appliances in the garage. Yes, they can have their own garage with a door that opens like a garage. It will be helpful in two ways (we have discussed the first one). You can use the appliances in the garage section itself with the help of built-in sockets. Therefore, you don't have to carry it to multiple places and it can be used at your convenience.


Accessories make everyone's day

You are dreaming of that mug, which you have seen in the new IKEA store. It is multicoloured with earthy colours at the bottom. It is just the mug in which you would like to have coffee on a rainy day. Then what are you waiting for? Add it to your treasure. Or if you want to be budget-friendly, you can always go to the nearest street shopping market and add it to your treasure. It will be great to see so many textures and hues on the rod strewn on top of the countertop. 


Multifunctional Cabinets

Cabinets are used for storage purposes. But can cabinets be used for anything else other than storage? Yes, like a countertop, but only when it can be movable and adjustable. With so many options on the market and a lot of DIY videos, you can easily construct a cabinet. It will be movable and can be added to a kitchen island. Therefore, it makes your work easier and reduces storage problems. It can also double up as a wine cabinet if constructed to serve the purpose. In this way, you are getting your very own movable wine bar. 


The organisation is The Key

Messy plates are overloaded in the sink. Used pots are still on stoves. Napkins are, I don't know where they are? This is a regular scene at one of the brunches or family dinners at night. But it should not be the case. It takes little effort to be organized. The pots can be thrown in the sink when the cooking is done. Family members can put the plates directly into the dishwasher. One person can take charge of loading the dishwasher with utensils and running it. Simultaneously, the garbage on the countertop can be cleaned up and deposited in the bags. The responsibility can always be rotated. But with little effort, the kitchen would look purely sanitised and clean. 


Carpets: A feeling of warmth 

You are from hilly areas where cold weather is just the norm. You can add the Iranian rugs to the floor. You can add a runner in galley kitchens and with matte tile to contrast. It will give you an uber-chic look. as well as separating your kitchen area from the dining area (if you have only one wall and a dining bar to separate the two areas). You can always add a jute rug, which will blend in with the old coffee spill on the floor. Basically, it will take every splash and still look new. 


Retro never goes out of style.

Do you remember the 80s TV series? Where were the kitchens so detailed that there was an extra cabinet for the fridge also? This is a retro look for you. It never goes out of style. Decorators do get that odd request once in a while to design the kitchen with black and white silhouette colours. The patterns should resemble a chessboard. The dining table has ornate, intricate designs and is predominantly white, with golden fixtures on the side of the table. That looks super cool and adds drama to the house. 


There are at least 100 ways to go wrong with the decorations. But with a lot of inspiration, you can hit the bull’s eye. Keep in mind the above tips and we are sure you can navigate your way. Don't forget, it is the kitchen that will give nutritious food to your family. It is also a space for you to experiment ON and IN.

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