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The Best Wall Decoration Ideas

Mar 06 2020

Malak Mehta

Decorating a space enhances the aesthetics and makes it more appealing. Blank walls give the best space for decorations and even the decorative pieces accentuate when added to the wall. Those empty walls are filled with opportunity and can themselves when painted bold and bright with different techniques act as a beautiful element. The way the walls are styled reflects your taste and interest as they make you surrounded by the things which you are fond of or adore.

Breaking the painting

This is one of the trending kind of wall décor in which you can use divide a painting into different parts and then place on a wall with little space in between those paintings.

Indoor plantation

There are various plants which grow in shade. Blending the green within the interiors is a perfect choice to improve the quality of space. It makes the wall visually appealing too.

Use of antiques

You can give your living room or entrance a rustic and eclectic feel by hanging antique pieces on the wall.

Use of artwork

You can hang any kind of artwork on the blank wall depending on how you want to style the space. It can be traditional or modern, small or large, a clock or a canvas, or just sculptured pieces.

Large artwork

Another idea is that you can place a large artwork such that it covers almost the complete wall. This would act as the center of attraction in the room.

Textured wall

One of walls in a room can be given a different texture either using paint or using plaster of paris pieces.

Hang fabric

Instead of hanging a painitng or artwork, you can even hang a contracsting coloured fabric on the head of the bed or even in the living room. This would give a traditional feel to the room and also make it brighter.

Creating pattern with stencils

Patterns can be created on some portion of the wall that give an unusual and unique impact the wall.

Wall painting

Wall painting is an art. Simple and minimum painting on a wall usually in black in contrast to a lighter colored wall.

Embracing with mirror

Placing a mirror not only reflects lot of light and makes the room look brighter but also adds to the aeshthecis of the room. A single large mirror with dark decorated border acts a piece of artwork itself. Moreover, even patterns can be made in over mirrors and then placed on the wall enhancing the beauty of the space.

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