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With Faridabad's top tech-enabled home construction company, you can make your dream home come true. Our approach to integrating creativity, quality, and dedication sets us apart as the preferred choice for transforming your construction projects into accomplishments.

Build Your Dream Home in Faridabad

Flawless construction powered by deep expertise.

    We construct your dream home. You track progress on app.

    Track house construction project progress, raise queries, view inspection reports and more.

    • View packages, floor plans, design recommendations
    • Capture house construction progress in 3D
    • Realtime tracking until project completion

    How it works

    Our house construction steps are simple and easy to understand: Plan - Build - Track - Settle in.

    • Raise a Request
    • Meet our Expert
    • Book with Us
    • Receive Designs
    • Track & Transact
    • Settle In
    Home Construction
    • 06 Settle In

      The last and final stage. We make sure you are well settled in your newly built home. Our journey together doesn't end here. We provide 10 years of warranty.*
      Terms and conditions apply

    • 01 Raise a request

      Raise a house construction service request or call us at +91 7505 205 205. Our team will get in touch with you to understand your requirements in more detail.

      Let's build
    • 02 Meet our Expert

      Experts will guide you in selecting the right package for house construction and solve any queries that you may have.

    • 03 Book with Us

      Good to go ! You pay 2% of the estimated project cost as the booking amount to start the house construction

    • 04 Receive designs

      Our architects will provide exhaustive drawings and designs of your home construction till you are completely satisfied.

    • 05 Track & Transact

      To ensure absolute trust, Brick&Bolt provides an escrow model where you transfer the amount for stage of the project. You can track the project through our customer application.

    • 06 Settle In

      The last and final stage. We make sure you are well settled in your newly built home. Our journey together doesn't end here. We provide 10 years of warranty.*
      Terms and conditions apply

    • 01 Raise a request

      Raise a house construction service request or call us at +91 7505 205 205. Our team will get in touch with you to understand your requirements in more detail.

      Let's build

    Our Construction Projects in Faridabad

    From a couple to a large Indian family, we have houses built with emotions for everyone.

    Home Construction Packages in Faridabad

    Find the best home construction packages.*

    Find the best home construction packages.*

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        Our Customers From Faridabad

        Over 800 happy family members are part of Brick&Bolt family.

        • I would recommend Brick&Bolt to all our family and friends. Brick&Bolt keep up the good work !


        • The whole team was very very supportive and I am really very happy. I am an extremely happy customer, Thank you Brick&Bolt !


        • What helps truly was that Brick&Bolt was always there with us !


        • In the Covid-19 circumstance, my wife Swati and I had a fantastic house-building experience with Brick&Bolt!


        • Thank you Brick&Bolt for all your support, it was a great journey


        • Brick&Bolt helped me achieve this journey without much hassle

          Asai G

        • Thanks Brick&Bolt for staying around and making it much easier for us!


        Luxury Home Construction Packages in Faridabad

        Find the best Luxury construction packages.*

        Find the best Luxury Packages.*

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            Quality Checks


            Safe Money Transaction

            Choose Brick & Bolt as the Best Construction Contractors in Faridabad

            Money Safety

            Consumer protection is prioritised in Brick & Bolt's financial operations through the secure Escrow Model. Therefore, the contractor would receive advance payments only during the various building phases. This is how it functions:

            The customer deposits the funds into the escrow, which varies based on the building's level.

            Following the completion of the stage and approval by our project management team, payment is made to the contractors.

            Assured Quality Control

            Brick & Bolt's cutting-edge QASCON system, an internal framework for quality evaluation that guarantees perfection in every part of the project, makes unmatched quality assurance possible. We maintain high standards throughout the project because of our extensive 3-level audit system and the more than 470 quality checks that are part of our procedure.

            Absolute Transparency

            Building your dream home should be simple and exciting. At Brick & Bolt, teamwork and open communication are valued highly. We constantly communicate with you throughout construction to ensure your vision is fully realised.


            Brick & Bolt is the best tech-driven building construction company in Faridabad. We employ cutting-edge technology in every construction phase, digital design tools, customer applications, inspection apps, and sustainable business methods to guarantee accuracy and efficiency in every project.

            Zero Delays

            We understand the importance it is to do tasks on time. Our effective techniques and expertise in project management ensure that the building of your home is completed on schedule and within your allocated budget. Your dream home appears within the allotted time frame.

            Process for Selecting the Builders and Contractors in Faridabad

            When building your dream home in Faridabad, selecting the right builder or contractor is important. The following advice can assist in guaranteeing that a project is successful and runs smoothly:

            Look into

            Select builders with a reputation for producing high-quality work and positive reviews.

            Check Credentials

            Make sure their insurance and licenses are current.

            Analyse the Approximations

            To find out more about the services and costs of various contractors, it is important to ask for recommendations.


            Whether you're speaking with them in person or virtually, make sure they can hear you well and understand what you're saying.

            Look Up Suggestions

            To evaluate the quality of their work, look over their previous projects, contact previous customers, and ask for referrals.

            How is Brick & Bolt Better than Other Home Construction Contractors in Faridabad?

            With QASCON, we can provide a variety of services, including the ESCROW facility, that ensure 100% money safety and a high-quality guarantee, thereby better serving our customers. With the help of the app, you may track your progress in Brick & Bolt at home. There is no cost overrun and a 100% on-time delivery guarantee.

            Hiring the Best House Construction Contractors in Faridabad

            Throughout the project lifecycle, from the first day of work to the last day of project delivery, Brick & Bolt, the top tech-enabled house construction company in Faridabad, provides effective communication, real-time tracking, quality checks, and updates. Brick & Bolt is using technology to increase confidence and transparency within the building industry. Artificial intelligence and computer vision can improve house construction efficiency and predictability by mapping project quality and progress.

            FAQs About Home Construction Contractors in Faridabad
            Who is going to oversee my Faridabad construction project?
            A dedicated Brick&Bolt project manager will oversee your construction project and be your primary contact point. They will keep you informed at every stage, arrange with contractors, oversee deadlines, and guarantee that quality requirements are fulfilled.
            Are there any warranties available for Brick&Bolt's building projects?
            Absolutely, Brick&Bolt provides warranties for building projects, giving you confidence in the strength and quality of your new house. We will discuss the warranty's specifics, such as its duration and coverage when we first consult on your project.
            What services does Brick&Bolt, a home construction company in Faridabad, provide?
            Brick & Bolt contractors in Faridabad provide a wide range of services for building homes. This covers initial planning and design, securing the required licenses, construction, and final details like interior design. They are capable of managing both new construction and remodelling.
            How can I begin working with Brick&Bolt on my home construction project in Faridabad?
            It's simple to get going. Just go to the Brick&Bolt website or contact our customer support experts. We'll set up an initial meeting to review your project's specifics, including its needs, budget, and timeframe. From that point on, we will walk you through each stage of the procedure, from design to finish.