Why Choose Brick&Bolt

We help you at every step of your house construction journey.

How we differ

From Design to build. Making construction reliable, simple, and transparent.

  • Track the progress of your house construction via our smart app
  • We provide with 470+ quality checks conducted by our site engineers
  • No price escalations once the project starts.
  • Penalty charged on contractor when there is a delay in the project
  • Payment released to contractor after completion of each stage
  • 10 years of warranty on super and sub structure including underground sump
  • Only trusted and verified contractors are provided by us
  • Quotations are very transparent and cover every detail that goes into the construction
  • Physically go to the site to track the progress of your construction
  • No defined checklist and quality checks done by you
  • 80% chance of price escalations aaaaaaaaa
  • Project gets delayed by 6 months on an average and no penatly is charged
  • Contractor paid in advance before even the project is completed
  • No warranty is provided by the contractors on the construction
  • Trust is not guaranteed. Customer has to verify from his end
  • Quotations are not well defined and there are lot of grey areas

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