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Khata Transfer Fees Calculator

This calculator is used for estimating the Khata fees associated with property registration and transfers.

Brick & Bolt's Khata Fees Calculator provides estimated costs for informational purposes. These costs are based on the most precise assumption, although they may vary according to your city. Hence, it's recommended that you consult with our technical experts or your local authority for legally binding information.

Khata Fees Calculator

Welcome to Brick & Bolt's Khata Fees Calculator, your trusted tool for estimating the Khata fees associated with property registration and transfers. Understanding the expenses involved in these procedures can help in efficient financial management and ensure adherence to regional rules and regulations. Our Khata cost estimator provides swift and accurate Khata fee calculations that are customized to meet your specific needs.

What is Khata?

Khata is a crucial legal document in several Indian states, especially in Karnataka, that acknowledges the ownership of a property and allows the owner to pay property taxes. There are two main types of Khata, Khata A and Khata B:

Khata A : Khata A is issued for properties that possess clear titles and adhere to all government regulations.

Khata B : Khata B is issued for properties that are currently pending regularization.

Why Use Brick & Bolt’s Khata Fees Calculator?

Reliable Estimations

Our Khata Fees Calculator provides accurate Khata transfer fee estimates based on the particulars of your real estate transaction. This ensures you have a clear understanding of the costs involved in the process, allowing for better financial planning.

Variable Inputs

You can customize the input value of our Khata cost estimator by adding facts about your property and transaction, such as city name, Khata types, and stamp duty value. This makes the Khata transfer cost estimate very relevant to your particular circumstances, ensuring the most accurate and useful results.

Quick Outcomes

With our user-friendly tool, you can instantly get your Khata transfer fee figures. Just add the necessary information, and our Khata calculator will quickly and efficiently deliver a detailed cost breakdown, saving you time and effort.

How to Use the Khata Transfer Fees Calculator

Our Khata Transfer Fees Calculator is designed to be as easy to use as possible. You can get your Khata transfer cost estimate by following these simple steps:

Step 1. Select Your Khata Type

Use the dropdown menu to select your Khata type, such as Khata A or Khata B

Step 2. Choose the City

From the dropdown menu, choose the city where your property is located. This ensures that the calculation is relevant to regional laws.

Step 3. Enter Stamp Duty Value

Enter your stamp duty amount in Indian rupees.

Step 4. Select Khata Fees Type

Use the dropdown menu to choose the type of Khata fees, such as Registration or Transfer.

Step 5. Click "Calculate"

After entering all the information, click on the "Calculate" button to get a quick estimate of your Khata fees.

Example of Khata Transfer Cost Calculations

Here are some sample calculations based on various circumstances to show how our Khata fees calculator functions:

Example 1: Khata A Registration Fees for Bangalore

Khata Type: Khata A

City: Bangalore

Stamp Duty Value: 50,000 rupees

Khata Fees Type: Registration


The calculated Khata registration fee for Bangalore for Khata type A is 1,000 rupees.

Example 2: Khata B Registration Fees for Bangalore

Khata Type: Khata B

City: Bangalore

Stamp Duty Value: 50,000 rupees

Khata Fees Type: Registration


The calculated Khata registration fee for Bangalore for Khata type B is 100 rupees.

Benefits of Using Our Khata Cost Estimator

Maximize Financial Planning

By being aware of the precise Khata fees, you can manage your money more efficiently and ensure that all expenses are covered without any unpleasant surprises.

Ensure Compliance With Regional Laws

Brick & Bolt’s Khata transfer fees calculator provides precise Khata charge calculations that adhere to regional laws, avoiding penalties or legal complications in your real estate dealings.

Enhance Decision-Making

You may ensure that you are completely aware of all associated charges when making decisions regarding property transfers by having accurate information about Khata fees.

Save Time

Our Khata cost estimator offers accurate and timely estimates, saving you time that you may use for other crucial elements of your real estate transactions.

The Khata Fees Calculator from Brick & Bolt is an invaluable resource for determining the costs associated with property transfer and registration. It facilitates financial planning and complies with local regulations by offering quick, precise and detailed Khata charges calculations. So, try our Khata Cost Calculator now to eliminate confusion from your real estate transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions for Khata Cost Calculator

What is Khata?

Khata is a legal document required for property transactions in certain Indian states. It proves ownership and enables property tax payments.

How are Khata fees calculated?

Khata fees are calculated based on the type of Khata, such as Khata A or Khata B, the city, the stamp duty value, and the type of fees, such as registration or transfer.

Can I customize the inputs for my specific transaction?

Yes, you may change parameters such as your Khata type, city, stamp duty amount, and fee type in our Khata Fees Calculator to get a precise and applicable estimate.

Why is it important to calculate Khata fees?

To ensure that you are both financially prepared and in compliance with local legislation, it is crucial to calculate the Khata costs associated with real estate transactions.