11 Best Home Renovation Ideas To Revamp Your Space

Feb 19 2024

Hemali Ben

Although home remodelling can be expensive and time-consuming, there's no better feeling than renovating your dream home.  Many people purchase a home with the intention of adding to and changing it over time; the primary motivations for doing so are to improve comfort and increase the house's value. Adding extra rooms, such as a bathroom or dining room, can improve the functionality of your home and ease your morning routine. Hence, knowing your requirements and basic home renovation tips is crucial to giving your home a fresh, aesthetical and functional touch. 

Therefore, Brick&Bolt brings the 11 best home renovation ideas to upgrade your space easily and perfectly.

11 Home Renovation Ideas for Your Home

The following are the home remodelling ideas to revamp your home.

  1. Consider Transforming Colour

The expert use of colour is a low-cost, high-impact renovation technique you can use. Colour not only sets the mood and tone for your house, but it can also highlight certain areas or serve to define and distinguish different areas. An accent wall or window trim with vibrant pops of colour adds character and a touch of drama. Nevertheless, you can paint your walls in a soft, warm white or neutral greige colour to raise the overall value of your house and make it look attractive.

  1. Consider Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island is the most considerable home renovation advice. It creates a dramatic visual impact and is a great place for the whole family to get together. You can also add enough electrical outlets on the kitchen island, a mini fridge or other smart under-counter appliance, or a sink and draining area on the kitchen island. A large island counter is also perfect for expanding your kitchen's storage capacity, seating options, and area for food preparation. Brick&Bolt has also written a detailed blog on kitchen design with small renovation ideas, so to read more, click on the link below-

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  1. Get a New Exterior

When looking for house remodel ideas, remember that your house's external appearance matters just as much as the inside; after all, a visually appealing exterior is what neighbours and guests will see first when they come to your home. You can apply a new coat of paint to the outside of your home, invest in high-quality lighting, and choose window boxes or planters to instantly brighten up the exteriors. You can also go with the appropriate plants and other greenery to create a welcoming and visually pleasing curb appeal.

  1. Use Lighting to Spark Interest


Installing lights around your favourite exterior and interior elements will beautifully highlight them, and also it’s a budget-friendly home remodelling idea. You can add lighting fixtures like low-hanging pendant lights or spotlights to create a fascinating focal point for the room. You can also create a warm and inviting ambience with well-placed perimeter lighting and can highlight your home improvement ideas! If you want to create bright displays, try lighting up your built-in shelving. Use granite, marble, or recycled glass to place lighting above a countertop for visually appealing reflected radiance.

  1. Recreation with Shapes

Try experimenting with the shapes and structures of your room or space to breathe new life into a potentially boring area. For an elegant change, you can replace your standard rectangular tables and countertops with curved ones and add arch window treatments like blinds, curtains, drapes, etc., over your windows. Even more stylish upgrades are possible, like replacing square bathroom tiles with hexagonal ones or adding dramatically curved pendant lighting to a boxy room to add movement and shape. It’s the easiest home remodelling tips!

  1. Make Use of Understair Spaces

When it comes to remodelling underutilised spaces, the area under the stairs deserves special consideration. You can make that area functional by including some shelves to display your trophies, books, and collections or installing a mirror. You can also make it storage space for coats, shoes, and umbrellas. Alternatively, you could set up a peaceful study space or even a charming secret reading nook.

  1. Increase Usable Area

One of the best renovation ideas for remodelling an existing space is to optimise the house for improved flow and usability. When planning a renovation, you must consider the room dimensions and neglected areas. You can consider installing pull-out or rotating cabinets beneath the kitchen counter to use hard-to-reach nooks and crannies better.

  1. Install Open Shelving 


Installing open shelving is a modern renovation design preferred because it serves as both a display and smart storage solution. It can hold books, antiques, trinkets, or mementoes from trips. Along with that, open shelves—possibly with glass doors—add character and uniqueness to your house. To make shelves even more appealing, you can adorn them with baskets, plants, and thoughtful lighting.

  1. Add Vibrant Steel Frames

A great home improvement project to consider is the stylish comeback of steel-framed windows and doors if you want to make structural changes but don't want to get too fancy. Steel-framed doors, one of the most adaptable home renovation ideas, blend elegantly with simple design elements and facilitate a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

In addition, you can paint steel-framed windows and doors to match your decor style; for example, you can paint in pale matte gold for a sophisticated touch, crisp whites for a lighter colour scheme, or dramatic black for a statement. 

  1. Utilising Color to Enhance a Bathroom

The typical traditional bathroom features a lot of white tiles, a little bit of wood or marble, and rather plain white ceramic or silver metallic fixtures. It makes sense that upgrading and a graceful bathroom addition is one of the most well-liked home improvement ideas! Adding colour can be a simple way to achieve this, whether it's through feature tiles, waterproof wallpaper, bold faucets, or even an attractive coat of paint. 

Are you also tired of your old bathroom? Don’t worry, with the remodelling ideas, we have also written a detailed blog on small bathroom design. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to learn more-

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  1. Include Study Corners

Setting up a dedicated study nook is one of the small home renovation ideas that can have a big impact. Additionally, custom woodwork and floating shelves can maximise unused space like a stairway landing, a corner, or beneath the stairs. Interior design renovations can typically achieve far more with your limited space than you may imagine.

In conclusion, you can completely change your house by implementing these home renovation ideas. This will satisfy your functional needs and showcase your style. Each idea can add a special touch to improve your living spaces, whether using the space beneath the stairs and maximising storage with shelves or picking the ideal interior colours and adding steel frames. You can make a house of your dreams, add value to your property, and take advantage of a remodelled area with careful planning and the appropriate financing options.

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