Factors to Consider when Selecting a One-Story House Design

Mar 06 2024

Hemali Ben

Choosing the house design for your home is one of the most important choices you must make when building your dream home. Single-floor house designs give more accessibility and usefulness than the other designs. Hence, they are becoming increasingly common. But choosing the proper single-floor house design requires careful attention to several factors to ensure that your home will fulfil your needs both now and in the future. 

So, Brick & Bolt provides all the important factors to consider when selecting a one-story house design, along with a basic understanding of what a single-floor house design is, to assist you in making an informed choice.

What is a Single-Floor House Design?

A single-floor house is also referred to as a ranch-style or one-story house design. It’s a residential structure constructed on a single floor only, without any staircase or floors. In other words, all the rooms are on one floor, including the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, storeroom, etc. Compared to single-floor house design, multi-story houses have many levels or floors connected by steps. This design prioritises ease of use and accessibility, which makes it perfect for elderly people, families with small children, and people who have mobility issues.

Single-story homes usually have an open floor plan that allows living areas to flow into one another seamlessly and create an impression of a larger space. Large windows, sliding doors, and patio areas are just a few of the elements that these designs frequently use to emphasise a strong indoor-outdoor connection. Single-story homes are practical, low-maintenance, and versatile enough to fit a range of architectural and interior design aesthetics. But there are many things to think about when choosing a single-level home.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a One-Story House Design

The following key considerations for picking a ranch-style house plan:

  1. Your Lifestyle and Needs

  • To design your dream home, consider your lifestyle and unique requirements before making a decision on it. Consider criteria like family size, plans for the future, and daily schedules. For example, whether you want a large family home or a cosy hideaway. Knowing your lifestyle and requirements will help you choose a design that suits your needs.

  1. Accessibility and Aging in Place

  • Accessibility is an important factor in choosing a ground-floor house design. Single-story homes are easily accessible; hence, they are a great option for those who intend to age in place. If you are also one of them, consider features like large doors, few steps, and open floor plans for mobility assistance. This type of planning can prolong the useful life of your house.

  1. Budgetary Constraints

  • Budget-The-Key-Consideration-for-Picking-a-Ranch-Style-House-Plan

  • Making a reasonable budget is one of the most important steps in the decision-making process while constructing a home. Single-story homes are more affordable because they are easier to construct than multi-storey buildings. Considering both the upfront building costs and ongoing maintenance expenditures. You can also consider low-cost building materials to reduce the overall construction cost.

  1. Architectural Style

You can consider the different architectural styles to check which style is suitable for your preferences and tastes. Whether you like the sleek modern design of a contemporary home or the rustic charm of a traditional ranch-style home, choose a design that reflects your personality and blends with your surroundings.

  1. Energy Efficiency

  • Consider energy efficiency in your home design. The single-floor home design can be more energy-efficient because it normally has a smaller surface area hence, it reduces the energy requirements for heating and cooling. You can use energy-efficient windows, well-insulated walls, and sustainable construction materials to reduce your utility costs and environmental impact in your home design.

  1. Outdoor Space

  • If you have any outdoor area available for your home design, consider it and check if it works with the overall layout of your home. A single-floor plan design usually offers easy access to outdoor spaces, which gives the possibility of having a backyard or garden, which is practical and enhances the beauty of your home. Think about your outdoor activities, such as entertaining, gardening, or just breathing the fresh air. Generally, the single-floor house front design has numerous options for aesthetically pleasing elevations. 

  1. Future Expansion Possibilities

  • Consider your future requirements and any possible expansion needs. Even though a single-floor plan might initially seem restrictive, consider whether the arrangement allows for future additions or changes. If your floor plan is flexible, it can adapt to unforeseen needs, changes in the size of the family, and lifestyle modifications.

  1. Natural Light and Ventilation

  • Natural-Light-and-Ventilation- for-Single-Floor-House-Front-Design

  • When placing windows and doors, maximise the amount of natural light and ventilation. Well-planned openings can improve the overall atmosphere and minimise the need for artificial lighting in single-story homes. Having enough airflow is also essential to keeping a comfortable home.

  1. Consider the Legal Rules and Regulations

Consider the legal rules and regulations in your town or city regarding home construction. Get approval on your home design from your local zoning authority well in advance to avoid any dispute. Everything remains secure when you follow the rules.


Finally, always evaluate the factors to consider when selecting a one-story house design, including carefully assessing your lifestyle, financial situation, accessibility requirements, architectural tastes, and single-floor house front design. Considering all these factors makes it easy for you to make informed decisions. So, keep all these points in mind and take the first step toward building your dream home that meets your needs now and in the future. You can also consult a reputed construction partner like Brick & Bolt to make the best suitable house design for your dream home.

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