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Modern Color Schemes for living rooms

Apr 21 2020

Varshnee Raj

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The colour scheme for your living room is the centre point of attraction of your home. The colours you choose relate to your personality as well as can have the right emotional effect on you. While for many years we have always preferred using soft, solid colours on the walls, a little chance to experiment could actually land you with an energetic colour scheme that can bring your mood up anytime.

So, with about ample choices to meddle with before you pick your take, here listed area few elegant yet different modern colour schemes for your living room that you might like.

  1. Grey Matte
  2. Picking a grey matte shade for your walls will mean a little traditional with a tad bit experimental. Matte finishes can give the classy elegance that your living room vibe will hold. The colour grey also adds a rich look and helps you match up with bold colour furniture or decorative like orange, green, pink, red etc,.

  3. The warmth of wine
  4. Picking wine color for your living room color scheme would be a great idea. The color is graceful and plump. You can pick soft tones of wooden furniture , match up with grey or gold rose decorative such as cushions and up the look. The overall look will be dusky and a little country side home with a splash of wine tone. This would be one of the best color for living room walls.

  5. Gorgeous green
  6. Instead of picking pista green or softer shades, you can try bolder tones such as emerald green. The scheme look can be enhanced with deep tones of blue covered in design, small indoor decorative plan pots or artwork. You can pick some fancy modern furniture in turquoise for a fresh energetic look or a shiny wooden furniture aged gracefully to add a majestic look to your living space. The space would emit the beauty of a green landscape right in your living room.

  7. 4.A dip into neon
  8. Neon is often considered a very bold choice for living room color scheme. But with the right partners it can enhance the focus of your living room. You can chose to paint the walls in faint pink or matte grey and compliment the look with metal or stone furniture. Now add the neon touch through the cushions shades or centre pieces to this classy design to depict the craving adventure.

  9. Pattern play
  10. Instead of choosing patterned wall papers for your interiors you can go for solid colours and splash some patterns on the interior decorations. This would be a great living room idea. You can chose pastel shades for the wall and bring In bold patterns in contrasting colours. Bring a twist with solid coloured cushions and decorations complimenting the basic wall shade to finish the look.

  11. Double colours
  12. You can try double colours for your living room walls either with patterns or as solid shades. You can mix two bold, two soft or even one of each shade to get the perfect finish. To pair them up choose colours that go well from the colour wheel. Instead you can also go for patterned wall papers and use solid , complimenting coloured furniture.

    Image Source: houzz.com

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