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15 tips to reduce the construction cost of your house

Dec 22 2020

Anwesha Nandy

Plot Selection for construction: The first step starts with selecting a plot for your home. Selecting a plot where a transportation facility and communication to every necessary center is possible. Select a plot that has the potential for development in the future.

Soil Testing: Conducting a soil test is the most essential part of the construction. If the soil is not good or if it is loose then there you will have to exceed your budget. Soil testing is very important before you even start with the construction process. The chemical and physical composition of the soil is checked during this process. The soil must have the ability to withstand the weight of the building. If this is done properly it will reduce the construction cost of your house.

Learn why is soil testing important before construction

Water and electrical supply: If you want to avoid paying separate connection for plumbing which is very expensive make sure you have a water and electric connection near your area. To start with the construction process water and electricity are very important in the construction site. Hence, having a connection will help you to reduce the construction cost of your house.

Construction materials: Building materials are the most important when it comes to construction. The bricks, cement, rod, and sand make a large part of the construction material. The materials if poor quality can also be very expensive for you so be careful when you choose the construction materials your pick is important and eventually, you reduce the construction cost of your house.

Structural drawings: You can also reduce construction cost by having a structural drawing that is all about foundation plan detail, framing plan detail, and other structural components of the house and if this is done properly you will save on construction expenses some people don’t pay much attention to the structural drawings and end up paying extra during the construction process.

Finishing materials: If you can choose the finishing materials like the flooring, doors, windows and especially wooden work for interiors can be very expensive. But you cut construction costs by choosing the right material and purchasing them in a bulk at a time. Get it from one shopkeeper at a time instead of getting materials phase by phase. This is one great tip to reduce the construction cost of your house.

Do not make a change mid-way: If you are planning to reduce the construction cost of your house then do not make any changes once the construction has started in case you suddenly want to change your plan this can end up being more expensive for you. Once you have a plan ready it is advised to not make any changes mid-way.

Go for prefabricated homes:  Use modern technology for the construction of your home if you're looking for an option to reduce the construction cost of your house. In this type of construction, like in the case of building a prefabricated home a part of the building is constructed at the factory and then combined to a site to make the house. This modern technology of getting prefab homes have become very popular in recent times. The components of prefab homes include steel frames, wooden panels, cement, and gypsum for floors along with factory fabricated doors, windows, ceilings, and walls.

Use fly ash bricks: Fly ash bricks are less expensive than red bricks but have good strength for construction this also reduces the cost of construction. Fly ash bricks or Siporex blocks made up of fly-ash as an admixture to the concrete are widely used.

Select good color and putter: To avoid extra cost on putty always purchase the standard size of sand for plastering.

Buy materials from local vendors: Transportation of construction materials are expensive if you want to reduce construction costs than buy materials from local vendors.

Saving in labor cost: Try to calculate in advance how many labors would you require to complete the work in this you can estimate the labor cost. If you don’t keep track of the time you have to spend way more. During this time of the Covid-19 situation, most of the labor’s have gone to their home town and the construction process was stuck for a very long time and the labor’s who were available were charging more than their usual charges. Know ways to get the best rate from the contractor or architect

Save on machinery cost: The rental cost of construction machines is very high. So, try to maximize the usage of expensive machinery and calculate your costs well in advance to reduce the construction cost of your house.

Saving on Flooring: Flooring can be both costly and economical it's up to you what to pick. Tiles come in a wide price range. Also, cement flooring is a great option for reducing costs. Red oxide flooring is also a good option. You have to go around evaluate and choose the one according to your budget. Granite flooring is one of the best flooring options for your home that you can pick

Save on Wooden Work: Avoid using expensive wood for construction instead you can use jackfruit tree, wild jack (jungle jack), and similar wood that's available in your place to reduce the total cost of wood up to 50%. Have a better idea about the teak wood types and cost. Wood is also considered to be a low-cost construction material if you choose the right one as per your requirement. Bamboo is used even today in rural areas of Asia, Africa, and Latin America for building homes. It is a green building material, which is very popular in India due to its low weight, and durability.


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